Drugs Shortage and its Impact on Counterfeit Drugs

Drugs Shortage

Though the word shortage refers to the availability of less, its presence is not clinging to its meaning by swirling around the world with a strong presence, yet another area shadowing by 'shortage' is drugs. The world that has been witnessing the shortage of food and shelter is also taking into its account the shortage of drugs, several hospitals and pharmacies are heading into this dire problem and experiencing a gamut of serious health issues.

If scarcity is drugs shortage renowned face then the other intimidating face is the raise of counterfeits. The short fall of drugs apparently become the lifeblood of thought to produce counterfeits which causes serious illness and sometimes even death can speak with the voice of counterfeit medicines. The usage of counterfeit drugs is regarded as an attempt to murder, according to the experts talk. 

Counterfeit Drugs

By definition, Counterfeit drugs are drugs that are manufactured in an illegal way with or without the usage of active ingredients. Though the medicine constitutes of right ingredient the dose could go wrong.

Counterfeiting is overshadowing both branded and general products with no difference. Almost every drug is getting emulated; right from antibiotics to endocrine drugs and anticancer agents. According to the estimation by WHO, share of counterfeit drugs around the world is in between 1% and 10%. The range varies with countries; Regions like Africa, Asia (Some Parts) and Latin America are more affected, Developed countries are getting affected by less than 1% and it is more than 50% in the poor countries.

Most Frequented Counterfeit Drugs


In the treatment of lowering infection and bacteria, Antibiotics are used. But an antibiotic without prescription is more dangerous as it drives to complex health conditions rather than curing infection. Fake antibiotics may consist of heavy metals and other hazardous ingredients.

Cancer Drugs

FDA found a cancer drug Avastin that can control the cancer cells growth and spread went fake in the U.S. It warned 15 states doctors and clinics about the fake Avastin that doesn't act against to cancer.

Cardiovascular Medications

People with heart diseases and other heart related problems use prescribed Cardiovascular medicines but using them without proper prescription and knowledge end up with the abiding results.


The condition of taking a painkiller by yourself or getting it from a family member has become so usual now-a-days but considering how the medication, packaging or labeling looks like helps to overcome counterfeiters. 

Psychiatric Medications

Psychiatric medicines like Ativan, Xanax, Adderrall, or Ambien are available online from umpteenth websites without any prescription. Though getting medicines online is a smart choice by a busy person, choosing them without a prescription is a way to perch on the health problems. Purchase medications from legitimate pharmacies and trusted sellers. 

Chronic Ailments - Diabetes, HIV & Alzheimers

Patients with Chronic Ailments like Diabetes, HIV & Alzheimers are majorly recommended to get the prescribed medicines as the traces of chronic diseases counterfeit drugs are very high in the market.


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