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Priorclave was formed in 1988 by staff with many years of experience in the laboratory industry enabling quick establishment of reputation for producing quality and reliable autoclaves.  It led Priorclave to being recognised as one of the UK's premier manufacturers of Laboratory Autoclaves and establishing a strong international presence throughout mainland Europe, Asia and the Middle East during the past fifteen years.


Expansion of Priorclave’s modern manufacturing centre in South East London has given the company over 2,500m2 of manufacturing space to keep pace with product demand - in the UK and the ever increasing export market. Global presence is supported by a network of thoroughly vetted and approved distributors, enabling the company to support laboratories world-wide – with advice, product selection and supply.



Rectangular section autoclaves



Available in capacities from 230 to 700 litres, they combine a large internal capacity with small floor area. Autoclaves are available either electrically or steam heated and features a two hand-wheel hinged door closure.  These models are optionally available with steam/water jackets if required.



For laboratories where there is restricted space for door opening at the front of the autoclave, Priorclave has developed a Power Door version of its rectangular section autoclaves. All models are castor mounted for ease of positioning and are fitted with two non-tipping shelves. A range of stainless steel baskets, waste containers and loading trolleys are available to suit these autoclaves.




Bench Top Autoclaves

The Priorclave range of bench top autoclaves has been specifically designed for laboratories that have restricted space usage.  There are two basic models with 40 and 60 litre capacities featuring a quick-seal single action door closure that makes access to the chamber extremely easy.

All models in the compact bench top range offer forced air cooling and media warming as standard and have the Tactrol microprocessor controller for easy parameter setting.  In addition Priorclave can add features such as post-process drying cycles to assist with processing of porous loads.  They come with stainless steel shelves and choice of accessories including baskets, stainless steel waste containers, free-standing mounting unit where bench space is limited.

Front Loading Autoclaves

Priorclave has developed two individual styles of front loading steam sterilisers – circular and rectangular chambers - to suit extremes in loading requirements.

Front Loading, circular chamber autoclaves come in 100, 150, 200 and 320 litres standard chamber sizes. Their design gives user 20% more loading area than conventional models. Priorclave autoclaves can be direct-steam heated or supplied with steam generated within the chamber (electrical models only).  They also include features such as forced air cooling and automatic timed free-steaming.

Top Loading Autoclaves

Available in 100 and 150 litre capacities electrically or direct steam heated, the top loading autoclaves are an ideal alternative to front-loading & bench-top models.  The range comes with a bench-top version as well as a free-standing, castor mounted autoclave which stands 1035mm high and is appropriate for loading large items.

They have a stainless steel load support plate and with two or three stainless steel mesh baskets, waste containers and basket hoists.

Double Ended Autoclaves

Priorclave pass-through or Double Entry autoclaves have a proven reputation for maintaining sterile conditions either in ‘clean room’ or contaminated suite operation, in both cases the autoclave is sealed at the point of passing through a wall by means of bulkhead.

Often, double ended autoclaves may be considered a bespoke design, and although Priorclave has standard capacities up to 700litre, it is able to design and build to suit, not only in terms of chamber profile and length, but also special requirements for the bulkhead.

This autoclave range is either electrically or direct-steam heated and can be fitted with steam/water jackets if required.

Autoclave Calibration

Priorclave offers a range of service support options to ensure consistent operational performance of autoclaves. Through network of highly trained service technicians Priorclave provides global support offering various levels of planned maintenance and prompt repair/call-out service in unlikely event of a potential malfunction.

Priorclave also provides calibration and performance qualification service to ensure that autoclave and laboratory meet all required standards. During testing all data is logged, results of calibration tests returned to Calibration Laboratory where a UKAS accredited certificate is produced, essential documentation for any laboratory accreditations that might be operate

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