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Category : Analytical Equipment

Key Products : Isolators, Sterility Test Isolator

Skan AG, located near Basel in Allschwil, Switzerland, is one of the leading companies for clean room equipment, isolation technology, RABS for sterile / aseptic, toxic and high active product applications, for liquid and solid forms, for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Innovative products, customized solutions from pre-engineering till calibration, qualification and validation coupled with a powerful service network has established Skan AG as a worldwide market leader and an important partner of the industry and the research laboratories. Skan designs and manufactures trade products, covering the Clean Room Technology, Contamination Control as well as laboratories.


Since 1977, Skan AG has built up a wide and deep knowledge in the isolation technology. Right from its inception in 1968, Skan's objective has been to deliver more and more fully integrated systems. Towards this goal, Skan AG made a lot of efforts in development activities and scientific work in partnership with other companies and universities in different countries. To roundup the realisation and delivery of fully integrated systems, the company built up special teams for installation and start-up activities, qualifications (IQ/OQ), requalification, maintenance and service.



The Skan quality system is based on ISO 9001 approval since 1994. Skan has high GMP-compliance, approved through different customer audits, executed by pharmaceutical companies, and is working in all projects with GAMP procedures. All the procedures are documented in an outstanding GMP-compliant documentation. SKAN Isolation Technology is an all-in-one supplier.


Pharmaceutical Isolators

Skan AG has built up a wide and deep knowledge in the isolator based technology. Isolators manufactured by Skan AG find usage across industries. These isolators can easily be upgraded in class or modified in size. Skan AG manufactures high quality isolators used for meeting varied application requirements. Isolators available with the company can be custom made according to client specifications. Based on customer demands the company develops a fully integrated decontamination system with hydrogen peroxide for all types of isolators. Skan offers a full service cycle development including standardisation of bio indicators in the manufacturing of isolators. Special material tests are also conducted to ensure quality isolators. The engineers developing isolators for the company are supported by specialists in pharmaceutical technology, biology, microbiology and analytical work.

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