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Snehavardhan Filtrox Systems is a high-tech company which specializes in design, manufacture, sale, installation and inspection of air filters, clean air and clean room equipments. Snehavardhan Filtrox have been increasingly gathering experience of clean air field since the foundation in 1999, and adopted advanced technology, machineries and materials to produce primary, medium and HEPA filters and equipments. At present, we are enjoying a high reputation among our esteemed customers. Our tenet is high quality and excellent after-sale service.

Fan Filter units

Fan Filter units offer a wide range of configurations and optional features for Soft wall Clean room setup. Fan Filter Units maintain the integrity of a clean room. Hundreds and thousands can be used in conjunction with each other in the facility. The units can also be exchanged with lay-in lights or blank panels. For facilities with lower classification, upgrades can be obtained by simply adding additional FFU’s. Low power consumption motors can be used. With complete controllability of each and every FFU (via control and monitoring software) power usage can be very moderate. The negative plenum design draws recirculation and leakage air and avoids passage into the clean room. Fan Filter Units are fully salvageable as standalone units and they can be designed for any grid sizes, loads and requirements. Nicotra Gebhardt made Filter Fan Units are available. The Fan Filter units come with a sealed, separator less mini-pleat HEPA filter with anodized aluminum cell sides, minimum DOP efficiency of 99.99% @ 0.3 microns. Electrically it is connected in a Standard connection to terminal strip in external junction box.

HEPA Filter

The Filtrox Minipleat HEPA filter is designed and tested to exactly meet the highest standards of air purity and aseptic conditions in many sensitive areas of modern technology, pharmacy and medicine. The Minipleat Filter Panels can be supplied in various constructions. The Minipleat Filter Panels offer benefits like optimum pleating geometry of filter media, low initial differential pressure for high volume flows and stable air flow on clean air side. The filter media is pleated in Minipleat shape with a new application technology of Hot Melt Spacers to achieve lowest pressure drop. The HEPA filters are tested in accordance with ISO/ American Standard/ European standard.

Pass Boxes

Pass Boxes are self-contained air chambers installed at the entrance to clean rooms in order to minimize the amount of particulate contamination entering the clean room.

Equipments and materials are passed through the air shower passbox while particulate contamination is washed off with high velocity HEPA-filtered air jets. Contaminated air is then in through the base of the unit filtered, and recirculated into the chamber. To facilitate the proper removal of particulate contamination. Some of the features are - Rigid and construction of stainless steel on mild steel sheets, Abrasion-resistant oven-baked powder-coated finish, Permanently lubricated direct drive centrifugal blower, equipped with a high quality mini pleat HEPA filter, Nozzles’ provide high velocity air jets for an efficient scrubbing action to remove particulate contamination, Electrical interlock system

Clean room doors

Filtrox manufactures best quality aesthetic metal doors for Pharma industries, clean rooms, process industries, hospitals and industries. These are made from galvanized iron sheets, completely finished with epoxy powder coat and poly urethane is sandwiched between two layers. The doors are meant for air ingression and can be used with electromagnetic devices as well as interlocking systems. Doors can be selected from four varieties: single wing, double wing (unequal length), double wing (equal length-small) and double wing (equal length-large) or customers can also customize to their requirements.

Reverse flow dispensing booth

Reverse flow dispensing booth is designed to provide Class 100 working environment at rest with built in scavenging system to ensure Product, operator as well as surrounding environment Protection. The system comprises of - Filtrox make Imported Minipleat HEPA Filter with hot melt technology, which conforms to EU 13 Grade, with an efficiency rating better than 99.99% for 0.3 ? at supply position. Filtrox make prefilter which conforms to EU 4 Grade, with efficiency of 90% down to 10 micron These Filters are basically made from micro-Fiberglass media and are washable. Filtrox make Intermediate filter which conforms to EU 7 Grade, with efficiency of 95% down to 3 micron. These Filters are basically made from micro-Fibre-glass media and are washable. Motor Blower provided are statically and dynamically balanced, Blower has high performance, is noise abated, light weighted. SS 304 Double Walled Side Panels. Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge (0 – 25 mm: 2 Nos.) to monitor pressure drop across intermediate filter & HEPA filter and (0-10mm: 1No.) Across PRE Filter with respect to ambient. Electrical control panel mounted on the side panel of the unit. Fluorescent Light (250 Lux) ON/OFF Switches for motor & lights 5/15 Amp single-phase switch socket for external equipment.

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