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Bioquell specialise in the design, manufacture and application of complete bio-decontamination solutions for airborne and surface contamination in the healthcare, life sciences, food production and defence sectors. 


Bioquell's unique hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) bio-decontamination technology has been used across the globe to eradicate problematic bacteria, viruses and fungi, throughout a wide range of applications. Deployment of Bioquell's HPV process provides residue-free, safe and repeatable sterilisation of rooms, buildings, equipment and sensitive electronics. 



Bioquell Asia provides a unique range of HPV generators for room, enclosure and equipment surface sterilisation to GMP Standards. Our Room Bio-Decontamination Service (RBDS), provides a rapid, residue-free and cost effective service for single rooms, production suites up to full facility for pre-occupation, routine or emergency decontamination.


Bioquell QUBE

Bioquell QUBE is an exciting new development for pharmaceutical sterility testing. Using the latest manufacturing techniques and materials, the Bioquell QUBE offers a rapid sporicidal bio-decontamination process with a high-level validated 6-log reduction in bioburden. This in-built bio-decontamination system has been designed to complement a fully fitted and validated sterility test unit such as the market leading Millipore Steritest system.

Developed as a modular, barrier separation system, the Bioquell QUBE provides a physical separation of operators to the sterility test process. The closed barrier technology enables the user to apply the automated HPV biological decontamination. Within a single module, a rapid 20 minute bio-decontamination cycle allows fast and efficient transfers. An EU GMP Grade A / ISO 5 compliant environment is ensured by both uni-directional airflow and unique isolator technology

Bioquell Z-2

The Bioquell Z-2 is a complete solution for room/zone bio-decontamination that offers user-friendly operation with unique parametric cycle control and eliminates the necessity for gas cycle development studies at non-GMP facilities. While the Bioquell Z-2 system incorporates HPV generator, gas distribution and catalytic aeration in a single mobile system and is user-friendly with a touch screen controls and can bio-decontaminate areas up to 250m3.

The simple menu-driven user interface of Bioquell Z-2 makes easy to set cycle parameters and the graphical display shows the bio-decontamination cycle progress in real time and the communication port allows control via a building management system. The Bioquell dual circuit technology enables fast, efficient bio-decontamination cycles without the need for room pre-conditioning or dehumidification.

Bioquell Clarus C

The Bioquell Clarus C hydrogen peroxide vapour generator is an advanced solution for low temperature, residue free bio-decontamination.

Bioquell units have been installed worldwide giving reliable, continuous bio-decontamination of pharmaceutical isolators, clean rooms, pass-through devices and many other applications.

  • Multi-purpose generator capable of bio-decontaminating equipment (e.g. isolators, RABS, transfer chambers) or multi-room facilities
  • Fully compliant with the requirements of GMP
  • Bioquell dual circuit technology for fast and efficient bio-decontamination cycles
  • Capable of storing multiple gas cycle parameters for multiple applications
  • Remote operation available and connection to building management system (BMS) capability
  • No requirement for room dehumidification prior to cycles

Bioquell L-2

The Bioquell L-2 is a versatile and robust hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) generator. Providing enhanced HPV delivery and control via a simple user interface with touch panel controls. Designed to safely bio-decontaminate a wide variety of enclosures including biological safety cabinets, laboratories, isolators and freeze driers.

The Bioquell L-2 has GAMP compliant software and an integral thermal paper printer. Connection is simple with flexible supply/return hoses and pressure monitoring tube. It has an inbuilt communications port that allows integration to a building management system (BMS) or related systems and equipment and a data logging option allows data export into Excel® format. The system comes with multiple language options.

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