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Category : Cleanroom Installation

Key Products : Touch Pad, Digital Static Charge Meter

Kinetic polymers is one of the most trusted Manufacturing company because of our adherence to high ethical standards, integrity and prompt service. In order to keep up with ever changing demands and competition, Kinetic Polymers also engaged in development of new products with all the latest technologies. The success of Kinetic Polymers lies in our prompt service, quality work, and huge infrastructural setup and collective professional strength.


Kinetic Polymers offers wide range of products for Chemical Industries such as Anti Static s, Conductive, and some instruments to measure and eliminate static electricity.



Anti Static & Conductive Products help to prevent accidents/ damage due to static electricity.


Touch Pad

Anti Static Aprons

Anti Static Furniture:

  • Anti Static Work Bench / Tables: Custom Made.
  • Antistatic Vinyl Chair: with Arms & Without Arms and foot rest
  • Antistatic Stool
  • Anti Static Cabinets: Custom Made
  • Trolleys: Stainless Steel made with conductive wheels.


  • Aprons, Bunny Suite, & Coverall (Washable)
  • Shoe Covers, Caps & Gloves (Washable)


  • Conductive Mat: Conductive rubber flooring black in color having a resistance value of 103 to 105 Ohms, can be easily laid on existing floors and are provided with grounding studs.
  • PVC Conductive Flooring: only Black Color
  • PVC Anti Static Flooring: Sizes Available: 2 mm x 1.5 Mtr x 20 Mtrs or 2 mm x 2 mtr x15 mtrs Color: Blue / Grey
  • PVC Tiles (Imported) Size: 2ft x 2 ft x 2 mm Homogenous (based in white color with black conductive particles.

Static Measuring Instruments

Static Electricity Measuring Instruments:

  • Static Charge Meter: To check Static charge in KV
  • Surface Resistivity Meter: To check the surface whether it is Conductive, Dissipative, Anti Static or Insulator.
  • Human Body Voltage Meter: To Check the Static Electricity generated in human body.
  • Combo Tester: To Check whether Wrist strap is properly working or not and also checks whether the footwear is anti static or not.
  • Touch Pads: Should be fixed at the entrance, person should touch it for few seconds to drain the static electricity from the body.
  • Truck Grounding Monitoring System (TMS): To check whether the truck is properly grounded.
  • Static Discharge Stand: This stand is designed to eliminate static electricity of human body, just stand on its plate and press the button on the instrument; it helps to drain the static electricity.

Master Batches

ESD Safe Clean Room Products

  • Out Fit: Cover all, Apron, Smock
  • Foot Wear: Anti Static Shoes, Slippers, Clogs and anti Static Booties
  • Disposable Products: Face Mask, Bouffant Caps, Surgeon Caps, Wipes, Aprons (PE)
  • Gloves: Latex, Vinyl, PE Gloves, Nitrile Gloves
  • Tacky Mat: 30 layered disposable sticky mats are used to clean off dust particles from the footwear.
  • Floor Cleaning Solution: Antistatic solution, when applied would create a conductive path on the inaccessible surface discharging the static charges temporarily affecting for approximately 48 hours depending on the usage. This solution has got a detergent action also so that the surface gets clean apart from improving the antistatic properties.
  • Kinetic Polymers also make Clean rooms on turnkey basis.

Master Batches

Anti Static Master Batches: Antistatic master batch are used widely to reduce the Static Electricity problems. They are natural in color. Hence any color Antistatic material can be produced by just adding a suitable color master batch.

Conductive Master Batch: Conductive master batch and conductive compound are widely used eliminate the Static Electricity problems. These materials are black in color and the final product is always black in color. These products offer excellent U.V. stability for material used in outdoor applications; also they offer a permanent Antistatic / Conductive property

Conductive & Anti Static Products

Conductive / Anti Static Products

  • ESD Foot Wear:

Slippers: Blue Colored Antistatic Slippers (imported)
Conductive Slipper (Black Rubber)
Shoes: Conductive shoes Black color leather made.
Shoe Covers: Anti Static Shoe Covers in Yellow / Blue Color
Conductive Shoe Covers: Black Color

  • Tapes:

Floor Marking Tapes, Copper Tapes, Conductive Grid Tapes, Aluminum Tapes, and Zebra Tapes

  • Conductive Storage: Conductive Drums, Conductive Bucket, Carboys & Mugs
  • Conductive HDPE Pipe: Conductive pipes are resistant to almost all acids, alkali, solvents up to 85° temperatures.
  • Conductive Wheel: Conductive wheel are used for trolley wheels. They have excellent abrasion, excellent chemical resistance and can with stand till 85°Celsius.
  • Conductive Rod: They have excellent abrasion, excellent chemical resistance and can with stand till 85° Celsius.
  • Conductive Roller: Conductive roller have excellent abrasion, excellent chemical resistance and can with stand till 100°C.
  • Conductive Scoop/ Scraper: Conductive Scoop, Spatula and Scraper come in black and Anti Static Scoop and Scraper come in white color.
  • Conductive Pallet: Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a key phrase for logistical solutions in Chemical industries. Particularly suitable for electronics, and Chemical industries, pallets Protect components from being affected by electro-static charge.
  • Conductive Hammer
  • Conductive Tubing and Bags
  • Conductive Grid Bags
  • Conductive Bowl

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