Company : Mercury Scientific & Chemicals

Category : Laboratory Instrumentation

Key Products : Glassware, Plastic ware

Mercury is one of the foremost companies engaged in supplying industrial chemicals and glass ware equipment for laboratory purpose. Established in the year 1972, Mercury Scientific and Chemicals leads supply of chemicals, Borosil and Duran glassware, Himedia Glaxo, Metalab, SD’s lab instruments and many more.


Mercury accounts its achievement to its panel of specialists who worked hard to gain highest customer satisfaction in the field of laboratory glassware supply. With strong networks in market and superlative infrastructure at every point of business made them attain an ultimate status in terms of customer trust.



Mercury offers a range of quality oriented lab ware (glass, plastic and metal make), laboratory reagents, instruments, disposables, safety equipment, quality analysis equipment and lab furniture.



Glassware: Mercury is an authorized supplier of standard glassware from world renowned MERCK, BOROSIL, DURAN & J SIL. Mercury also handles fabrication of quickfit type glassware as per a requirement. These products give personified clarity due to low Iron content, are class-A certified, high temperature compliant, strong to force and thermal shocks. Glassware is generally used in laboratory weighing and extraction thimbles as well, which are used in organic Soxhlet extractions and dust sampling.

Plastic ware: Mercury supplies plastic ware of Axygen, Tarson, Polylab and Kasablanka. The plastic ware includes M-Line & Proline multi-channel pipettes and steel wire reinforced silicone hose with continuously extruded platinum-cured silicone bore. Other plastic products include Sample Bottles, Wash Bottles, Spray Bottles and Plastic Jars.

Metal ware: Mercury offers high quality retord stands, retord rings, condensor clamps, universal clamps, boss heads, spatula, S.S. Tonges, Forceps, S.S. Scoops and Scrappers for laboratory purpose. Mercury’s metal ware products include,

Meta Lab - Automatic Autoclave

Ultra Sonic Bath - PCI Services

Centrifudges for pathological, clinical and medical applications

General purpose Bil Lab Instruments

Reagents for Laboratory

Mercury Chemicals deals with both indigenous as well as imported reagents for laboratories and the list of manufacturers include Himedia, Qualigence (Glaxo), Merck, BDH, S.D.Fine, Loba srl, CDH, Spectrocem, Ranbaxy, Robert Johnson, E-Merck (Germany), Sigma (U.S.A), Aldrich, Ubichem (England) and Lancaster. Some of the reagents include Diaion – Filtration, Separation and Purification agent, Extran - Residue free lab ft cleaning agent, Ready-to-use Buffers and Laboratory Analysis Reagents.

Filter paper

Mercury supplies disposable turban caps, P.V.C. hand gloves, P.V.C caps, mouth & nose masks, shoe covers, ear plugs & aprons. Filter paper is sourced from Whatman and Filtrol for filtration, separation and purification applications in laboratories. For chromatography Mercury supply HPLC / GC Columns, Syringes, Amber as well as Plain Vials, Aluminium Caps & Septas, Ferrules and other accessories. Products include Whatman Klari-Flex and Carlson cartridges for filtration, separation and purification.

Chromatography items

Quality Analysis Products

Mercury has complete solutions for drinking, waste, process, boiler as well as aquaculture water Quality Analysis. Products include:

Digital Tablet dissolution apparatus: Model-VDA 8D, 6D/ Model-VDA-AVP/ Model-DV

Hardness Tester

Tap-density apparatus

Tablet dissolution test apparatus come as microprocessor controlled with about 25 programmable test parameters in-built. It can be opted with 2 or 8 baskets of capacity 1 liter each. Temperature control is also micro controlled. Each stirrer is powered by stepper motor and the speed ranges between 25 to 200 RPM. These equipment are reliably used in R&D laboratories for quality control.

Laboratory Instruments

Mercury supplies lab ovens, vaccum Oven, Hot plate, Furnace, Incubators, Heating metal, Water & oil baths, B.O.D. Incubators &, Bulk destiny apparatus and other electrical instruments made by Metalab. Autoclaves are from Equitrone and colony counters from Lapiz. Karl fisher apparatus and Melting point apparatus for laboratories are from Veego. Mechanical & magnetic stirrers, centrifuge etc are Remi make. Electronic balances are Denver, Shimadzu, Sartorious and Precisa made. Mercury supplies ph meters of WTW, Eutech and Control Dynamic. Polarimeter and Refractometer are Rajdhani, Advanced and Atago made. PH Meter, T.D.S & Conductivity meter, IR Thermometer, D.O Meter, Turbidity Meter, ION Meter & Online meters are Eutech, WTW made. Imported instruments include Brookfield’s Viscometer and Lovibond’s tintometer. Jayant made test sieves & test sieves shaker, Shimadzu & Sartorious made balances, Thermo Spectronic made Spectrophotometers are all supplied to various requirements in pharmaceutical and diagnostic laboratories.

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