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CLL is a leading group of analytical testing and calibration laboratories. CLL is approved by Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS), Ministry of Health & Welfare AGMARK etc.

Clinical Research Services

The Clinical Research Services offered by us comprises in-vivo efficacy and pre-clinical safety studies for cell-based therapies. We have highly qualified professionals to conduct toxicity studies in our Clinical Research Services. Our Clinical Research Services works in close collaboration and co-operation with clinical and hospital investigators and regulatory agencies. We have well-trained investigators who has an International Exposure in our Clinical Research Services. Our Clinical Research Services is audited by an independent QA team. Our Clinical Research Services include Integrated Drug Development Services. The Central Pharmacy at our Clinical Research Services provides Investigational Product storage facilities. Packaging, dispensing and bar-coding of samples are done in our Clinical Research Services. Temperature Monitoring Systems are also available in our Clinical Research Services.

Pharmaceuticals Analysis

The demand for our Pharmaceuticals Analysis has grown over the years .We offer Pharmaceuticals Analysis services covering all stages from raw materials through to finished products, with reference to the various Pharmacopoeias. Our Pharmaceuticals Analysis has Expertise and Experienced in regulatory analysis. Advanced Technologies are used in our Pharmaceuticals Analysis. Our Pharmaceuticals Analysis activities use state –of-the- art instrumentation facilities .Our Pharmaceuticals Analysis consists of Release testing and 'one-off' investigations. The process involved in our Pharmaceuticals Analysis entails a discussion on your requirements with you and designing of a study plan. There after our laboratory staff provides the accurate data to support the method viability. A draft report is prepared and submitted to the client for approval which is the final step in our Pharmaceuticals Analysis.


Drugs and Chemical Analysis



With an expert team CLL offers Drugs and Chemical Analysis in microbiological, wet-lab, instrumentation. Test Methods and facilities as per USP, BP, EP, IP standards are available at our Drugs and Chemical Analysis labs. Drugs and Chemical Analysis laboratories are equipped with the most advanced analytical instruments such as HPLC, GC, UV/VIS, AAS. Drugs and Chemical Analysis offers solutions for compositional analysis of food, feed, soil and water. Our Drugs and Chemical Analysis systems are found world-wide. The major applications covered in our Drugs and Chemical Analysis are analysis of nitrogen/protein, free and bound fat. In addition, a broad range of sample preparation tools are available to complement the analytical equipment in our Drugs and Chemical Analysis.


Environment Management Services

Environmental Management Services involves the management of all components of the bio-physical environment, both living and non-living. The Environment Management Services of CLL offers O&M as well as Turnkey services for Wastewater management. Environment audits are also offered by our Environment Management Services. CLL’s Environmental Management Services approach to the industry is very simple. We attempt to optimize processes to minimize the need for add-on pollution controls by our Environment Management Services. Our Environment Management Services include Atmospheric Emission Modeling, and Pollution Control Design. Environmental Management Services is thus able to offer an efficient and cost-effective alternative solution. Through trained personnel and regulatory expertise, Environmental Management Services offers its generators the security of knowing whether their waste is being handled legally and safely.

Instrument Calibration

Instrument Calibration & Validation Services covers a comprehensive list of analytical instruments. We developed Instrument Calibration & Validation Services that meets all of these requirements. Verification of processing input signals of a conductivity meter can be done by using our Instrument Calibration & Validation Services. Comparison of the temperature probes performance is also done by using Instrument Calibration & Validation Services. Instrument Calibration & Validation Services is a fully documented process that ensures that an instrument is working correctly. Instrument Calibration & Validation Services requires detailed knowledge of the instrumentation system being validated. Verification of the correct performance of the conductivity sensor is done by using our Instrument Calibration & Validation Services. These Instrument Calibration & Validation Services can also be performed at the client’s premises.

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