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S. Zhaveri Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd. (S. Zhaveri) is one of the India’s  leading supplier  of pharmaceutical raw materials and chemicals. S.Zhaveri’s main clients include Indian and multi-national pharmaceutical companies. The S.Zhaveri sales team works closely with customers from various parts of India to provide the right products for their correct finished product. Products offered by S. Zhaveri are pharmaceutical excipients, drug-intermediates, fine Chemicals, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient ,   formulation packing solution, and Pharmaceutical formulation dossier development.


Pharmaceutical Excipients



Pharmaceutical Excipients or inactive ingredients in a drug used to give consistency or form or used as a vehicle to a formulation producer. Technical support provided to customer to choose best possible excipients for their formulation development. Useful for many purposes, pharmaceutical excipients can be used for coating tablets, help in absorption of the drug, etc.



A few key features:



  • Pharmaceutical excipients are inactive drug components
  • Pharmaceutical excipients enhance drug bioavailability
  • Pharmaceutical excipients are a key component in self-emulsifying formulations
  • Pharmaceutical excipients are water-soluble and hence easy-to-absorb
  • Pharmaceutical excipients help improve stability of the drug



Formulation Packing Solution



S.Zhaveri supply packing solution like Glass/HDPE/PET bottles, Closures, Dispensers, Cotton, from US FDA compliance with DMF. These packing material are approved for US market for the export of formulation in USA.



Drug Intermediates



Drug Intermediates offered by S.Zhaveri are specially outsourced from China, USA, Europe.  These drug intermediates are used in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical drugs.  These drug intermediates are manufactured as per international quality standards. The drug intermediates are a very important component of the drug manufacturing process.



Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients



S. Zhaveri offers active pharmaceutical ingredients also known as bulk drugs produced by reputed Indian companies. These active pharmaceutical ingredients are made from the finest quality raw materials. The active pharmaceutical ingredients are offered at highly competitive prices.



Pharmaceutical Formulation Dossier Development



When it comes to services, S. Zhaveri offers a wide range, right from formulation development to finished product packing and supply. All these processes come under pharmaceutical formulation dossier development. The services offered in the pharmaceutical formulation dossier development are:



  • Formulation Development
  • Analytical Development
  • Stability Studies
  • Dossier Compilation
  • Technology and Process Transfer
  • Bioavailability studies with renowned experts and partner-CRO’s
  • Finished product supplies from approved site partners



The R&D division of pharmaceutical formulation dossier development services offered is equipped with highly sophisticated instruments and manned by highly-skilled professionals. S. Zhaveri has quality pharmaceutical formulation dossier development services offered to all its clients in Regulated and Non-Regulated Market. Flexible pharmaceutical formulation dossier development services are provided which enable customers to accelerate their route to the market. In the pharmaceutical formulation dossier development service valid methodologies are developed. The pharmaceutical formulation dossier development services offer the benefit of data and documentation whenever required. S. Zhaveri’s skilled experts provide their expertise and understanding in all necessary services. The pharmaceutical formulation dossier development service is highly efficient and cost-effective.


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