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Category : Pharmaceutical Chemicals and Intermediates

Key Products : API solubility Enhancement, Pharmaceutical Packaging Sachets

Being in the industry for more than 30 years, Laboratoria Smeets, a Belgian company, has been able to carve a niche in contract manufacturing and contract packing activities for (para) pharmaceutical products. Laboratoria Smeets is located near Antwerp and all its activities are performed under cGMP conditions. Laboratoria Smeets is driven by Excellence – Confidence - Flexibility -Transparency.

Laboratoria Smeets is proud to have its own patented technology for API solubility enhancement, pharmaceutical packaging sachets, talc packaging bioavailability pharmaceutical powders container jars pharmaceutical solids

Powder Blending Equipment

Contract manufacturing activities:

Mixing activities of pharmaceutical powders and liquids.

Contract packing activities:

Pharmaceutical Sachet packing of powders and liquids.

Powder Blending:

The Powder blending facility is fully equipped to handle powders in a controlled way. From sampling to powder blending, everything is performed under a controlled atmosphere. Temperature, humidity and relative pressure are regulated. Dust aspiration units are available.

Patented granulation technology - Proprietary developments, API solubility Enhancement:

Laboratoria Smeets uses a patented granulation technology for improving water solubility of API’s, most innovative for treating Constipation, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis. Also is available for distribution and stability studies.

Sachet Packing Machine

Unique sachet know- how - Pharmaceutical Packaging Sachets:

The pharmaceutical packaging sachet material is usually a paper/ aluminum/ polyethylene extrusion laminate. In some cases Surlyn is used for dealing with sealing issues.

Polyester/ aluminum/ polyethylene is also a popular pharmaceutical packaging sachet material. An interesting possibility is the usage of peelable material in combination with the polyester laminate. Other barrier materials such as EVA, PVA, Siox, or Melamine are also an option. 

Water-Soluble Granules

Improving water solubility and bioavailability of APIs.

Labo Smeets (Wilrijk, Belgium) has developed in collaboration with Ghent University a technique to produce water-soluble granules containing poorly water soluble drugs of Class II (poorly soluble, highly permeable) or Class IV (poorly soluble, poorly permeable) of the Bio Classification System (BCS).

The innovative and patented technology can be used for the production of water-soluble granules of human or veterinary medicines. First applications are the production of granules of antibiotics administered via drinking water to treat large groups of animals (poultry, pigs,) as opposed to administering these antibiotics via the food. The produced granules can also be filled in capsules or can be used as intermediates for the production of tablets

Twin Screw Granulator

Printing techniques:

Printing techniques give a lot of flexibility. In most cases they use flexo printing. Pharmaceutical packaging sachet material is printed very much the same way labels are printed. 

For higher quality printing Offset printing is used. Interestingly, sachet material is easy to be printed with the latest generation of digital presses. This can be done through toner or liquid based technology. The results for the digitally printed sachets are outstanding.

New technology for continuous production of water soluble granules containing APIs via Twin Screw Granulation

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