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Category : Pharmaceutical Formulations

Key Products : Flatuna Tablets, Hallens

Meridian is a leader in manufacturing and exports a range of suppositories from India. The Company also manufactures tablets (uncoated, film-coated and sugar-coated), external liquids, oral liquids and Ayurvedic products.


Meridian currently has 34 products which are being marketed in Western India and have been well appreciated by the medical community. Meridian does contract manufacturing for leading companies like Pfizer, Cadila etc. and has ample spare capacity.



The company has a range of innovative healthcare products in following dosage forms: tablets, liquids, external liquids, suppositories, Ayurvedic powders and tablets. Our products have been created to have unique benefits providing real value to the users. The products are ideally suited for day-to-day ailments in paedaitric, gynecology, surgery and general segment.



Suppository and Pessary products



Meridian Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. manufacture suppositories at its own factory located about 200kms from Mumbai. In 1994 we launched suppository products in India and since then our suppositories have been well accepted by leading Doctors and are being regularly prescribed. The company is one of the few Indian companies with the capability of supplying a range of suppository and pessary (vaginal suppository) products. The company’s suppositories offer excellent and unique product features including superior packaging as well as lucrative prices. Hence, we have been exporting our range of suppositories to buyers worldwide for several years. Some of our suppository products are Paracetamol, Diclofenac, Haemorrhoidal, Glycerin, Bisacodyl, Clotrimazole etc.


Flatuna Tabs

The complete antiflatulent without antacid for prompt relief from gas. Flatuna offers a dual action, Simethicone in Flatuna takes care of the stomach gas and Activated Charcoal takes care of the intestinal gas, hence Flatuna ensures complete relief from gas throughout the G.I. tract. Flatuna is extremely safe, it has no side effects as caused by antacids and is a convenient easy to swallow tablet.

Hallens adult

A unique rectal preparation that offers relief from constipation within few minutes. Hallens have been trusted for over twenty years for reliable and safe evacuation of the lower bowel. The company has unique hygroscopic and lubricating action and is better than the oral laxatives because they act locally and hence have no side effects. Hallens is very useful in severe constipation or in cases where the patient unexpectedly gets constipation.


The universally accepted safe nasal decongestant in a unique spray cum dropper bottle. Nasomist is the safe alternative when sympathomimetic decongestants are not necessary. Nasomist is a sodium chloride based formulation for relief from dry, irritated, crusted and inflammed nasal membranes due to chronic sinusitis, allergies, colds and for rebound effect caused by over use of nasal decongestants.

Calcifit Syrup

The tastier calcium fortified with vital nutrients to ensure healthier growth. Contains Calcium Carbonate, Lysine and Zinc along with Vitamin D3. It has a specially developed delicious mango milk shake flavor which is loved by all children.


The low calorie cough syrup in an antitussive preparation, to be used in cases of dry cough. Tussalyte contains Dextromethorphan and Bromhexine a very good combination, which ensures a prompt relief from dry cough. It has been specially formulated as a low calorie cough syrup so that it can be taken safely by all patients. Children, adult, diabetics and health conscious.

Benzyl Septol

A powerful and safe antiseptic liquid that has been trusted by leading institutions for over twenty five years. (Bombay Hospital, Jaslok Hospital etc.) In addition to being one of the most economical antiseptic liquid in the market, 1) Benzyl Septol is more powerful than other leading products such as Dettol & Savlon, it has a RWC (Rideal Walker Coefficient) of 3 to 5 i.e. it is 5 times superior. 2) Benzyl Septol has a product spectrum of antimicrobial activity i.e. covers a wide range of pathogens. 3) It has a faster antimicrobial action; Benzyl Septol destroys most of the pathogens within 5 minutes. 4) Benzyl Septol has an unmatched cosmetic effect. It is very gentle on skin; it has no burning sensation or irritation even on prolonged use and has a pleasant odour.

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