Company : Aptar Pharma

Category : Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment

Key Products : Dry Powder Inhaler, drug delivery devices

Aptar Pharma is market driven having a strong focus on specific therapeutic areas such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, COPD, pain management, mucosal vaccines, hormone therapies as well as eye care, and cough & cold ailments. The two divisions of Aptar Pharma are Prescription and Consumer Health Care.


With Proven expertise backed by years, Aptar Pharma provides its customers with a wide range of off-the-shelf and personalized proprietary drug delivery technologies and services.



Aptar Pharma’s manufacturing facilities are located in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Congers (NY, U.S.A.), Eigeltingen (Germany), Lugano (Switzerland), Le Vaudreuil and Val-de-Reuil (France), Suzhou (near Shanghai, R.O.C.) and Navi Mumbai (Near Mumbai, India).



Approximately 6% of Aptar Pharma’s annual turnover is dedicated to research, development and industrialization of novel products. The company’s R&D and Marketing personnel work closely together in a global market-focused team of 200 people, which is dedicated to satisfying customer needs.



Aptar Pharma R&D centres of excellence are located in Eigeltingen (Germany), Lugano (Switzerland), Le Vaudreuil and Val-de-Reuil (France).



Not only Aptar Pharma’s R&D organizations have been continuously expanding but they have forged strong and sustainable links with a network of partners, which include academia, contract research as well as manufacturing organizations, inventors, designers, market research and industrial consulting companies and preferred suppliers.



Aptar Pharma’s key differentiators are prominent with a deep market understanding, high quality products, processes and services, specialized R&D capabilities and laboratory services, experienced regulatory expertise and a unique fully integrated in-house elastomer technology.


Dry Powder Inhaler

Dry Powder Inhaler, Twister™ is unveiled by Aptar Pharma, with the aim to bring cost effective drug delivery devices to pharmaceutical companies to help them market affordable healthcare treatments to patients worldwide.

It is estimated by the WHO that approximately 235 million people suffer from Asthma in the world. With the launch of Twister™ Aptar Pharma now has a full range of drug delivery solutions to treat Asthma and COPD in all regions.

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