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The Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing, one of three business units of the global NETZSCH Group, offers a comprehensive program for the many challenges in mechanical process engineering. Here the Business Unit is primarily involved in the areas of wet and dry grinding, mixing, dispersing, de-aeration and classifying. The laboratory- and production-scale machines, as well as complete production lines, are used in almost all areas of industry, such as the forward-looking nanotechnology, the production of ink, minerals or foods.

The headquarters of the Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing are located in Selb/Germany. In addition to our administration and sales departments the Selb facility is also home to one of the most modern grinding and dispersing applications laboratories that is available to our customers. The machines and systems are manufactured in Selb and Tirschenreuth/Germany and abroad in our manufacturing facilities in Brazil, Russia, China, India and the United States. Being part of the NETZSCH Group we offer a worldwide sales and service network for convenient customer service.

The bundling of processing know-how, our extensive machine program, solutions for customer-specific problems and our global presence are unique and hence the strength of the Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing.


Wet Grinding Technology

DELTAVITA® - Wet Grinding Technology

The NETZSCH engineered DELTAVITA® mill, based on proven ZETA® Mill technology, stands out in the world of ultra-fine nanoparticle applications. Through the efficient use of energy, high flow-rate, multiple-pass grinding strategy, DELTAVITA® mills achieve excellent repeatability as well as homogeneous dispersion.

DELTAVITA® agitator bead mills are fast, extremely versatile and designed to produce a very narrow range of ultra fine particles in a homogeneous formulation. They are time, cost and energy efficient.

The DELTAVITA® process eliminates excessive heat buildup and output blockage that plagues screen separation systems in other fine-bead mills. Advantages for pharmaceutical applications are a single-tank process to reduce contamination, precise temperature control, ease of use and easy-to-clean design.

Dry Grinding Equipment

CONJET® - Dry Grinding Equipment for Pharmaceutical Processing

The CONJET® High Density Bed Jet Mill is a spiral jet mill design with an internal dynamic air classifier. The variable speed classifier can micronize from 1m to 40m with infinite control and precision without oversize particles. A compact, GMP-compliant construction enables a rapid and complete cleaning of the machine when products or charges are being changed. Depending on machine size product contact parts can be sterilized with autoclave. This feature and a practically residue-free product-grinding make the CONJET® the ideal mill for pharmaceutical products.

CONDUX® Impact Mill

CONDUX® Impact Mill

The CONDUX® Impact Mill can be used for size reduction from d50 ~ 20 µm to 500 µm for a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry. It can be equipped with various grinding tools and stators to optimize any process:

  • Pin discs for size reduction by impact
  • Counter-rotating pin discs for the highest fineness possible
  • Blast rotor and wing beater for size reduction by impact and shear
  • Attrition grinding discs for size reduction by shear

The CONDUX® Impact Mill combines all the advantages of modern grinding technology in a practical, flexible and highly-efficient machine design

NETZSCH Vacuum De-Aerator

NETZSCH Vacuum De-Aerator

When processing liquid to high viscosity products, air or gas pockets often cause difficulties. The embedding of air can lead to negative effects on a product. In the NETZSCH Vacuum De-Aerator, micronized gases are removed from fluids with a wide range of viscosities. By means of the VTR Principle (vacuum - thin-film - rotary process), it is possible to process products to a wide variety of free-flowing compounds. The throughput is product and viscosity dependent and can range from 500 kg/h to 4 000 kg/h. This machine can be used to de-gas both small quantities, from interchangeable tanks in batch operation, and large batches in continuous operation.

MaxShear Inline Disperser

MAXSHEAR Inline Disperser

The MAXSHEAR Inline Disperser is an efficient, low maintenance, low cost unit compact enough to be used at any point in the process. Its extremely high shear performance and powerful dispersing action generate the best premix possible.

The MAXSHEAR’s unique single processing stage reduces down-stream work and eliminates the product by passing typical of most single stage units. Applications for MAXSHEAR include pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations and the food industry where improved emulsification and wet-out increase shelf life.

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