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Pall Life Sciences is the leading global provider of filtration, purification and separation products and technologies to the diverse and rapidly expanding biopharmaceuticals market. These products and technologies are used from the earliest stages of discovery and development of new drugs, through production and delivery of therapies for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Pall biopharmaceutical products are supported by extensive protocols and technical reports, an industry-leading scientific and technical staff, and worldwide offices and distributors for easy ordering.


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Tangential Flow Filtration

Pall Allegro™ single-use systems are scalable from small, clinical batches to full production scale, for applications from upstream to final formulation and filling. With consistent materials of construction at all scales, systems can incorporate technologies such as chromatography, tangential flow filtration and virus removal. With minimal operator interaction, enhanced safety and robustness, and high product recoveries, single-use technology has never been so easy and reliable to use.

Cadence System

Cadence™ systems, the industry’s first single-pass tangential flow filtration (TFF) product designed to optimize downstream purification steps in either single-use or re-use modes of operation. Cadence TFF systems harness a new TFF format, the Cadence module, which incorporates a patented fluid path design that enables direct flow operation with a substantial reduction in system hold-up volume. This, along with improved recovery capabilities, increases yield and achieves high product recovery greater than 98 percent.


Cadence single-pass TFF systems do not use a conventional recirculation loop, allowing them to be coupled with other process steps and thereby increase manufacturing throughput. The system design also eliminates or reduces intermediate storage tanks and associated cleaning when using the systems for in-process volume reduction before or after existing steps. Cadence single-pass TFF systems can be easily integrated with other downstream processes such as chromatography or virus removal.



Pall provides cost-effective and innovative chromatographic purification platforms that support today’s demanding applications and productivity goals. Pall products are in operation in many downstream biopharmaceutical processes. They offer exciting new selectivities that address the process challenges of today, true scalability from laboratory to process scale, and unique platforms that enhance process economics. Explore how your process can benefit from:

  • Chromatography sorbents with unique selectivities for targeted applications
  • PRC 1 mL and 5 mL prepacked columns for fast selectivity screening
  • LRC columns for preparative and process optimization   
  • Mustang® ion exchange membrane devices in single- and multi-use formats
  • Resolute® columns for pilot- through production-scale processes 
  • PKP chromatography systems with the ability to transition from pilot-scale chromatographic processes to final process-scale without loss in separation performance
  • PK chromatography systems in both standardized and fully customizable, process scale designs

Filter Integrity Test Instrument

Palltronic® Flowstar IV is the result of Pall's long experience and expert technical knowledge in producing successful, top-quality test instruments. The Flowstar IV instrument introduces many new features, enabling users to reliably and reproducibly test even more filters and in less time, saving time and money. Lightweight, compact and ergonomic, the instrument now features an enhanced touch screen and user-friendly interface, requiring minimal training of operators.

Rapid Microbiology System

GeneDisc Rapid Microbiology System provides real-time microbiological data in as little as two hours, compared to days with traditional methods. Already well-established in the Environmental and Food sectors, where current assays target quantitative detection of Legionella, E.coli and Enterococcus spp. in water and detection of pathogenic strains of E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria in food. As says are now available for detection of six specified microorganisms in Biopharmaceutical applications. The system is based on real-time quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) technology.

Micro-24 MicroReactor System

Pall Micro-24 MicroReactor system provides solutions for improved microbial fermentation and mammalian & insect cell culture process development productivity and efficiency.

The system runs up to 24 simultaneous bioreactor experiments with independent control of each reactor's gas supply, temperature and pH. It is designed for easy set-up and operation using single-use reactor cassettes, continuously monitoring, logging, and controlling each reactor's dissolved oxygen, temperature and pH.

Proprietary Micro-24 MicroReactor software allows the Micro-24 system to be programmed and monitored using a standard laptop or PC computer.

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