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Key Products : Compact Aerobic Bioreactor, Anaerobic Aerobic System

transnvtech-logo.jpgh established in the year 2008, transnvtech-logo.jpgh has taken a very pragmatic & positive outlook to tackle the issues of improper disposal of effluent in highly urbanized areas as well as disposal of effluent from industries. In discriminate sewage & effluent discharges in densely populated areas are harmful to the health of unaware citizens and quality of surface water and ground waters.


transnvtech-logo.jpgh is engaged in manufacturing and supplying STPs & ETPs with ready to use units that are used in order to recycle sewage & effluent which can be used in gardens, toilets etc. Our products are used for solid waste treatment plants.



transnvtech-logo.jpgh designing user friendly, space friendly products of prefabricated, compact STPs & ETPs based on proven technologies like diffused aeration biological system, methane gas production, rotating drums and other advanced techniques used world-wide. transnvtech-logo.jpgh innovation is to just minimize requirement of electricity and space and help in establishing decentralized ETPs & STPs to improve healthy environment. Our unit which requires very less place, easy to install and gives best results.



Our attempt is to make it suitable for every building, complex, hotels, hospitals or colonies and different industries to treat sewage / effluent and re-use the same for gardening. transnvtech-logo.jpgh also is working on – Toilet to Tap concept to enable to use absolutely pure water for car washing and toilet flushing.



transnvtech-logo.jpgh has developed the world class product in small, ready-to-use unit to treat the wastes emanate from their industrial, commercial and residential complexes. These are useful for the effluent as minimum as 1000 lit/day to 200000 lit/day.



transnvtech-logo.jpgh have developed four types of ready-to-use equipment for effluent treatment based on aerobic or anaerobic principle such as CAB (Compact Aerobic Bioreactor), A2 (Anaerobic followed by Aerobic), Biopure (Conversion of effluent to Drinking Water) and S-Tech (Technology of Rotating Biological Compactor). These can be easily maintained by any person with some induction training. Automation can be done to avoid manual operations of units.



Anaerobic Aerobic System (A2)



A2 System is the combination of methane gas producing unit with aeration tank. It subjected to anaerobic followed by aerobic digestion. These systems give methane gas that has various applications reducing foul odors in aeration tank.


Compact Aerobic Bioreactor (CAB)

CAB System means the aerobic degradation of pollution. It has Aeration facility that reduces organic pollution and converts wastewater into CO2 and bacterial biomass. Treated water can be used for gardening and completely dried bio mass as soil conditioners.

Biopure System

The premium quality biopure system is that it converts sewage/effluent in to drinking water. These biopure systems have filtration and UV facilities that provide pathogen free treated water. Biopure systems are compact as well as pathogen free.

S – Tech System

The S-tech system is based on rotating biological disc principles. The process of rotation reduces the requirement of mechanical aeration.

The product has various highlighting features that are as follows:

  • User-friendly, affordable, simple to maintain
  • Durable, Reliable, Portable, High Performance
  • Highly Efficient Pollution Treatment
  • Corrosion Resistant, Long Lasting Tank Units
  • Tailor made design to suit to space and location requirements – may be in basement below parking space, with or without septic tank etc

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