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Key Products : Sterile Clean Rooms, Laminar Airflow Workstation

Since its establishment in the year 2005 Tyagi Air-Wave Equipment Pvt. Ltd has emerged as a reputed manufacturer, exporter, contractor and supplier of a wide range of air cooling machines, automatic air fresheners and their accessories and equipments. Bearing the ISO 9001:2000 certification, Tyagi Air-Wave Equipment Pvt. Ltd is committed towards providing the best quality products. They are also an acclaimed service provider, offering S.S. Fabrication Jobs for Tables/Stools/Tanks/Drums, etc. and Insulation and Maintenance of AHU Bag Filters, Cooling Towers etc. Being a customer driven firm, the prime concern of Tyagi Air-Wave Equipment Pvt. Ltd is to exceed the expectations of the customers.

Sterile Clean Rooms

Tyagi Air-Wave Equipments Pvt. Ltd introduces the future of healthcare interiors, in the form of Sterile Clean Rooms TAWE Air-wave Range. Tyagi Air-Wave offers the Sterile Clean Rooms in two versions: The CX Sterile Clean Rooms and the Air-Wave C64 Sterile Clean Rooms. The CX Sterile Clean Rooms are designed to be most versatile with flexible features to overcome the day to day problems, whereas the Air-Wave C64 Sterile Clean Rooms are modular in design facilitating the speed of build. These Sterile Clean Rooms are designed to maintain high level of hygiene, coupled with easily adjustable and relocation features

Laminar Airflow Workstation

Tyagi Air-Wave manufactures one of the most reliable and versatile Laminar Airflow Workstation. Superior quality material is used in the manufacturing of the Laminar Airflow Workstation. In addition, this Laminar Airflow Workstation is designed with most innovative features. These features enable the Laminar Airflow Workstation to render exceptional performance even in the extreme conditions, which make the Air-Wave 304 Laminar Airflow Workstation to be the finest Laminar Airflow Workstation available. The AW 304 Laminar Airflow Workstations are also provided with additional options and accessories as per the customer’s requirements.

Micro Air Filters

Tyagi Air-Wave is one among the renowned and reliable providers of Micro Air Filters. The Tyagi Air-Wave Micro Air Filters effectively maintain the cleanliness of the machines and equipment. Superior quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing of these Micro Air Filters, thereby ensuring their durability. This also ensures that these Micro Air Filters are chemical and corrosive resistant. These micro Air Filters are designed to have superior efficiency filtration. Customized Micro Air Filters are also offered in different thickness and configurations as per the customer’s demands. The Tyagi Air-Wave range of Micro Air Filters finds its usage for fine filter applications in air conditioning, ventilation system, and booth.

Centrifugal Blower

Tyagi Air-Wave offers light weight and compact design Centrifugal Blowers. These Centrifugal Blowers come with additional features like low-noise vibration-free operation, higher operational speeds, low motor power and low cost. High Quality rust resistant material is used in the manufacturing of these Centrifugal Blowers thereby ensuring their longevity. The design and specifications of these Centrifugal Blowers enhances the Fan rigidity and strength and allows mounting of the fan in various orientations. The Industrial Centrifugal blowers offered by Tyagi Air-Wave are high air volume applicable and are applied on air showers, kitchen hoods, HVAC system for air suction and discharging. The enhanced features and superior quality of these Centrifugal Blowers enabling exceptional performance makes Tyagi Air-Wave an Ideal choice

Air Conditioning Units (AHU)

Tyagi Air-Wave is listed among the leading providers of Air Conditioning Units (AHU). As is desirable, the Air Conditioning Units offered by Tyagi Air-Wave are extremely quite air handling units. Superior quality materials are used in the manufacturing of this Air Conditioning Units (AHU). The design of this Air Conditioning Units (AHU) enables easy internal cleaning of the Unit. Further the rigid construction of this Air Conditioning Units (AHU) enables high performance and enhanced durability. Panels of this Air Conditioning Units (AHU) are provided with extra anti-corrosive paint and aluminum or stainless steel construction, on request. The Tyagi Air-Wave Air Conditioning Units (AHU) definitely makes a preferable choice with their high performance and rigid construction

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