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Category : Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment

Key Products : Pharma Dispenser, Special Rotor Stator Geometry, Short Reverse Motion

ViscoTec has been founded as a department of Resch Maschinenbau GmbH. The departments primarily focused on developing pump technology for the food, pharmaceutical and chemicals industries. In 1997, ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH was founded and started in an office in Mühldorf. Since 2001, the business is managed from Töging a. Inn. In 2007, ViscoTec registered a milestone in sales by delivering 20,000 pump and in 2008 the brand „preeflow®“was implemented. In the following years, the company successfully established subsidiaries of ViscoTec America Inc. in (2009) Georgia, USA, ViscoTec Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore (2011) and ViscoTec Shanghai Ltd. in Shanghai (2013). In 2011, the company has relocated into a new building in Toeging (Bavaria), which remains the company global headquarters till today. In 2015 the company successfully delivered its 30,000 pump to the customers. The company currently employs around 120 people worldwide. The organizational structure consists of the following divisions: Adhesives & Chemicals, Food, Pharma, Components &Devices and 3D printing.

ViscoTec offers ideal solutions for high-precision and shear sensitive filling, gentle conveying and metering of pharmaceutical fluids, from liquids to semi-solids. For the Pharma-Dispenser series, the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry (GMP) concerning hygienic design and documentation are consistently implemented.The Pharma Dispenser itself meets the highest hygienic and cleaning standards and owns an EHEDG certificate (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group). Used elastomers are FDA-conform. All metallic components own the 3.1 inspection certificate DIN EN 10204. The commissioning documentation will be finished on the basis of EU-GMP guidelines and recommendations of PIC (Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention).

Pharma Solution

ViscoTec pharmaceutical dispensers have an excellent cleaning properties due to the tool less and quick and easy disassembling. The interior is dead space optimized. All wetted contact parts can be sterilized in an autoclave. To protect the materials against harmful environmental influences and to protect the environment against unplanned product leakage the seal housing specially designed for the pharmaceutical sector is equipped with a locking chamber (quench). The VPHD series was specially developed for applications in the fields of pharmaceutical, biotechnological and dental industries.

The advantage of pharmaceutical control is to control the flow rate and the desired dosing volume with a simple but accurate system. By direct input using the Touch Panel the parameters dosing volume and speed, calibration and suck-back at the end of dosing (to avoid dripping) reliably can be set. The accuracy of the dosage is more than 99%. Controlling via a higher-level control is possible at any time. The SPS transfers the parameter, for example via profibus to the pharmaceutical control.

To better meet the requirements of cycle times in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological production of filling quantities of 10-20 ml, the 2VPHD12-3D Pharma Dispenser has been developed for larger volumes. Compared to dispensers with the same size thereby the capacity is increased by 300 % up to 714 ml/min. The dispenser is, for example, ideally suited for integration in syringe filling lines of high viscosity hydrogels. Due to the cycle times of 1 sec for filling 10 ml gel it integrates itself perfectly into the required filling process.

Endless Piston Principle

All dosing and filling units of ViscoTec are based on the endless piston principle which belongs to the group of rotary positive displacement pumps. The functionality is comparable to an endless piston that feeds the product from the suction side to the pressure side and builds up a pressure difference in doing so. The core element of each application is a volumetric dispensing pump. The interaction of an eccentrically moving rotor into a corresponding stator results into a similar flow and dosing characteristics of an endless moving piston.

Advantages of the Endless Piston Principle

The rotor / stator geometry ensures that a constant volume is always flowing proportionally to the rotation angle per revolution. So the volume is exactly defined by the angle of rotation of the rotor. The flow direction is reversible by changing the direction of rotation, the pump curve is pressure stable, pulsation free and absolutely linear. This enables you to get a clear overview about the ratio between revolution, time and volume rate. This result in a guaranteed dosing accuracy of 99 % at the pump outlet (depending on the fluid) which often is exceeded in practice. One further benefit is the emerging dosing chamber. Its volume is absolutely constant during the motion, which gives the possibility to dispense solid-containing fluids and even extremely shear-sensitive chunky products. And in over 95% of all applications there is no need for any filling and dosage valves at all, since a short reverse motion at the end of the dosing process breaks the thread off and therefore prevents dripping.

Special Benefits

Customers of ViscoTec come from many different industries like automotive, aerospace, electronic engineering, general industry, plastics, new energies, food, biochemistry, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, dental or the medical sector. They all benefit from a technology which, along with other technical features, offers reliable, accurate and fast dosing that helps them to increase the quality of their own products. For each application, the customer receives comprehensive advice fromViscoTec specialists and experts in order to achieve the best results. Thanks to the 24/7 support available from ViscoTec, optimum service around the clock is ensured.ViscoTec offers its customers a precise, reliable, fast and sophisticated technology. It belongs to the premium market sector. The products are tailored to perfectly match the respective application. The extraordinary quality and work has been rewarded in 2014 withthe „Bayerns Best 50“ award and in 2015 withthe „Best of Industriepreis“ award.

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