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Yogesh Pharma Machinery Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned name in the pharmaceutical machinery industry in India. The company was incorporated as Yogesh Pharma Machinery Pvt. Ltd in 2001 specialising in pharmaceutical machinery and formulation machinery. Yogesh Pharma is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company in a process of obtaining CE, is engaged in manufacturing and exporting pharmaceutical machinery, formulation machinery for more than two decades. The company is promoted by visionary Mr. Vithalbhai Khambhayata having more than 30 years technical experience of manufacturing pharmaceutical machinery. The company has most modern manufacturing facility at Ahmedabad to produce and supply international quality formulation machinery. The entire range of pharmaceutical machinery, formulation machinery and laboratory/ R&D equipments are designed with simple configuration following GMP standards. Yogesh Pharma manufactures wide range of pharmaceutical machineries for tablet section, granulation, liquid section, ointment section, capsule section and laboratory/R&D section catering to various industries like pharmaceutical, cosmetic, edible and lube oil, agriculture and fertilizer, wine and distillery etc. The pharmaceutical machinery, formulation machinery, laboratory/ R&D equipment manufactured by Yogesh Pharma are supplied in national and international market to countries that includes USA, Australia, Sweden, Middle East and Africa, etc.

Tablet Compression Machinery

Yogesh Pharma presents a wide gamut of high efficiency tablet compression machinery. The tablet compression machinery range is well acclaimed for simple configuration, easy operation and maintenance. The tablet compression machinery is designed according to GMP standards and is suitable for regular, medium and large batch production. The three piece turret featuring the tablet compression machinery avoids cracking between the die holes. The tablet compression machinery is provided with hydraulic power pack for pressure loading and releasing The tablet compression machinery also features pre-compression system to improve compressibility and tablet quality. The tablet compression machinery also has an auto lubrication system. PLC control and electro magnetic clutch is provided in the tablet compression machinery The wide range of tablet compression machinery includes:

    Y-Mek-Single Side Rotary Tableting Machine

(Available Range : 6,8,10,12,16 stn.)

    Y-Mek-Double Side Rotary Tableting Machine

(Available Range : 27,35,45,55,61 75 stn.)

Granulation Machinery

Yogesh Pharma is also engaged in the production of granulation machinery as pharmaceutical machinery. The granulation machinery is used extensively for the production of pharmaceutical drugs. Yogesh Pharma manufactures granulation machinery of high quality that performs all the steps right from handling of raw material to the production and delivery of final product.

The granulation machinery is very reliable and dependable. One of the very renowned granulation machinery offered by Yogesh Pharma is the granulator, used for wet and dry granulation process. Its unique oscillatory rotor motion ensures high output and efficient granulation. Another granulating machinery is the multi mill which has an output of 50kg to 200 kg per hour used for granulating, pulverizing, mixing of a wide range of wet and dry substances in pharmaceutical, chemical industry. Sifter is another range of granulation machinery which is used separate solids from solids and liquids from solid. Its capacity ranges from 20kg/hr to 300kg/hr with a long screen life. RMG, FBD, Auto Coater, Double Cone Blender, Mass Mixer and Tray Drier also are a part of the comprehensive range of granulation machinery.

Laboratory/R & D Equipment

Yogesh Pharma Machinery Pvt. Ltd manufactures and supplies great value laboratory/ R&D equipment. High quality pharmaceutical machinery and laboratory/ R&D equipment is supplied to customers, offering value for money. Colloid mill is laboratory/ R&D equipment used for shearing, mixing, and reduction of particles to achieve uniform dispersions and stable emulsions. Mini colloid mill is developed for research and development purpose. Lab Multi Mill is laboratory/ R&D equipment which is again used for R & D purpose. Multi Mill model is used for high speed granulation, mixing, chopping and milling of dry and wet material. Lab Sifter is laboratory/ R&D equipment is ideal for R& D purpose for its compact size. This laboratory/ R&D equipment is suitable for processing small batch of materials. Other laboratory/ R&D equipments offered by Yogesh Pharma are lab Rotary Tableting, Lab Coating and Auto Coater, lab Homogenizer, lab FBD, Lab RMG, Lab Mass Mixer, lab Liquid Filling. Yogesh Pharma has paved a new way in relation to its product range of pharmaceutical machinery, formulation machinery and laboratory/ R&D equipment. Yogesh Pharma has produced excellent range of pharmaceutical machinery and laboratory/ R&D equipments for Research Institution and Pharmacy Colleges

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