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Category : Pharmaceutical Materials Handling

Key Products : Insulated boxes, Pharmaceutical products

Delta T manufactures insulated boxes, temperature stabilizing, and temperature monitoring products for storing and transporting pharmaceutical products. Our new technology enables the safe transportation and storage of temperature-sensitive goods, including blood products, cultures, tissues, anti-bodies and pharmaceuticals, domestically and worldwide.


We supply transportation solutions to suit almost any product and they protect your products from freezing.
All our systems are modular, which means you can increase the volume of products to be transported as you require and the elements fit exactly inside the packaging. The bases of our technology are our temperature stabilising elements that maintain the desired temperature. We can supply five different standard temperatures: -30°C, -18°C, 4°C, 22°C and 37°C.



We also produce a range of passive and active insulated outer packaging, which prolongs the storage and transportation periods for up to 120 hours at the temperatures required in ambient temperatures of -15ºC and +40ºC.


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