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Fluid-Bag Ltd – innovative flexible IBCs since 1984


Fluid-Bag Ltd provides comprehensive 900 and 1000 litre flexible IBC systems for liquid and semi-solid products, including both filling and discharging equipment. The container system is designed to guarantee uniform liquid, maximise payload and minimise discharge residue (0.5% residue).



Today the Fluid-Bag system is used for the transportation and storage of a wide range of liquids where protection from bacteria, particle, oxidation, and taste or moisture contamination is needed. In the pharmaceutical industry the containers are widely used for ointments, lotions, suspensions and other liquid or semi-solid products.


Fluid-Bag Multi

The Multi containers combine the flexibility and space-saving advantages of both single-trip and multi-trip containers. The containers (900 and 1000 litres) consist of:

  • a replaceable, single-trip inner container
  • a reusable multi-trip transport bag
  • a reusable steel transport pallet with 4 steel poles

Alternative liner combinations are available. The container can be used for external transport, as quarantine containers, for transport between production, store room and packing department etc. It’s possible to reuse the outer transport bag up to 25 times; the pallet has an operational life in excess of 100 trips.

Fluid-Bag Flexi

Fluid-Bag Flexi is a container designed for all distances. The one-way container is available in 900 and 1000 litres and consists of:

  • a replaceable, single-trip inner container
  • a transport bag with 4 wooden poles
  • a wooden transport pallet.

Alternative liner combinations are available to meet specific needs. 

Fluid-Bag Flexi eliminates any costs for return freights. There’s no need for costly cleaning and the low weight container is made of a minimal amount of non-toxic material.

Discharge Roller

The Fluid-Bag Discharge Roller is designed to empty both 900 and 1000 litre Fluid-Bag flexible containers. The device is specifically developed for rapid and efficient discharge of high-viscosity liquids.

Advanced automation minimizes the need for supervision. The Discharge Roller is designed for incorporation into new and existing production and packaging processes. Inbuilt control systems make it possible to integrate the device with pump functions as well as production and packaging processes. The Discharge Roller cleans the inside of the container foil, which combined with the vacuum created by the pump empties the container.

Filling Station

The Filling Station is designed specifically for the filling of Fluid-Bag “Multi and “Flexi” flexible containers. The Filling Station is pneumatically operated and stretches the empty inner container to its maximum length while at the same time correctly positioning the top and bottom valves prior to the filling operation. Using this unit ensures containers are consistently filled to the optimum. The Filling Station can be positioned on a weigh scale for accurate filling to a pre-set weight or volume. A Fluid-Bag can be filled either through the top or bottom valve openings

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