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Key Products : LAB model Blister machine, Blister Packaging machines, cartoning machines

Ever since its emergence in 2002, Accupack has been vigorously involved in facilitating qualitative packaging solutions for the global Pharmaceutical Sector, emerging as a reliable and meritorious pharmaceutical business outfit. This spans a timeline of 14 years of trustworthy as well as consistent industry presence.

With a top-drawer infrastructure occupied by an expansive personnel capacity of over 220 professionals, Accupack’s twin facilities located in Navi Mumbai are sprawled across 40,000 square feet of area.

Accupack’s Mission: As a fast growing Engineering Company, we aspire to transform aggressively and create a niche for ourselves in the global market in manufacturing of format parts and blister packing machines.

The firm’s multifarious range of efficient engineering products are segregated into three broad divisions:

Division 1:  Within the realm of this division, Accupack manufactures format parts for more than 60 plus blister machines and 15 plus Cartoning machines worldwide. Due to its consistent and adroit generation of these widely applicable format parts, Accupack has been deemed as the largest format parts manufacturer in Asia.

Division 2: Confined to this division is the production of Blister Packing Machines and Cartoning Machines which are envisaged as well as designed by Accupack’s European team. These machines are characterised by international levels of design efficiency and functionality.

Division 3: In its third business division, Accupack proffers software solutions to pharmaceutical companies with its infinite knowledge pertinent to the subject of achieving higher productivity with minimum change-overs as well as minimum format parts / tooling cost, thereby facilitating a cost-effective as well as time-efficient process. This enables pharmaceutical company for their products reaching faster to market and better ROI. Their singular and distinctive Format parts manager software – PLEXUS is deemed top-drawer and high in demand.

Accupack’s products and services also include Format Transfer systems – EasyCare.  This product address the issue of the shelf life of format parts and blister format parts which is a perpetual concern for all pharmaceutical companies alike. In order to pre-empt the possibility of damage during handling, EasyCare ensures a deft and safe transfer system.

Their sophisticated manufacturing units are endowed with latest and innovational CAD CAM software and CNC machines to fulfill the contemporary demands of pharmaceutical clients.

All operational solutions and services—designing or procurement of right quality materials or inspection, assembly and the final testing—are intrinsically performed by Accupack.

Below are five of the most prolific and versatile products engendered by Accupack:

LAB model Blister Machine

Blis Lab 100 is a LAB model Blister machine which is ideal for Thermo forming and Cold forming and is widely used for packing of Tablets, Capsules, Ampoules, Vials, Syringes, Confectionaries and Cosmetics.


Product Features:



  • Compact Lab Model Machine
  • PLC with touch screen control
  • Ideal Machine for Blister sampling, Testing & small batches
  • Flat Forming, Sealing and Punching
  • Tool less change over with safety guards
  • Machine Mobility
  • Full Stainless Steel cladding confirming to GMP standards
  • Deep groove forming possible


Discovery Machine

Discovery is a Blister Packaging machine which is characterised by a full balcony design exhibiting flexibility, an easy-to-operate human machine interface system, fast and reliable feeding solutions as well as a deft output of up to 400 blisters per minute.


Product Features:



  • Compatible with major Rotary Machines Change Parts
  • Small Foot Print
  • Servo Driven Indexing
  • Larger Format Area
  • Improvised Pick & Place mechanism ensuring more cutting cycles
  • Rigid Timing belt drive ensuring clean & Low noise functioning
  • Minimal setting parameters ensuring quick start
  • Provision for downstream automation with good pack diverter
  • Safety Interlocks, Phase failure detection, Splicing table, Auto feeding stop arrangement
  • In-built Plug assist assembly for intricate forms and special materials
  • Versatile to major thermo formable materials like PVDC and Aclar
  • Dedicated embossing station ensures high quality batch code details with hot embossing facility
  • Full cGMP Compliance
  • Ability to accommodate major Rotary change parts


High Speed Cartoning Machine

Galaxy 130 is a superior cartoning machine designed, evolved as well as produced by Accupack. It ensures timely and economic production of cartons (up to 130 cartons per minute) keeping the enormous packaging requirements of the modern pharmaceutical industrial sector.


Product Features:



  • Intermittent Motion Fully Automatic Horizontal Cartonator
  • Servo Driven
  • Compact
  • Designed to achieve high level of operator comfort and safety
  • Minimal noise and vibration levels
  • Ergonomic magazines with high capacity to facilitate long runs without operator intervention
  • Fast & easy changeover with micrometric adjustments & digital position indicators
  • Positive carton pick-up using 3 Rotary Arms


De Blistering Machine

VELOCITY–V300 from Accupack is a thoughtful technological breakthrough, which not just guarantees performance at the rated output of 300 blisters per minute.


Product Features:



  • Universal feeder assembly ensuring computability between different feeding channels.
  • Low level sensor with alarm indication
  • Provision of extra base film reel holder.
  • Provision of downstream automation with good pack diverter
  • Phase failure detection
  • Auto stop of machine if product found out of pocket
  • High vacuum forming capacity
  • Improved pick-and-place mechanism
  • Rigid construction with higher capacity pneumatics for embossing station
  • Web cooling post sealing
  • HMI Temperature settings
  • Rotary electrical connector mercury


Flat Sealing Blister Packing Machine

Victory is a highly sophisticated Blister Packaging machine by Accupack. This multifaceted machine is endowed with an in-built plug assist assembly which facilitates the processing of intricate forms and special materials along with a Human Machine Interface which regulates the temperature.


Product Features:



  • Servo Driven Oscillating Feeder and mechanism enabling high feeding rates as well as speedier production
  • Improvised Pick & Place mechanism ensuring more cutting cycles
  • All stations synchronised with Servo drive enabling minimal settings
  • Tool less quick change over
  • Ergonomic Design ensuring operator comfort
  • Jaw type key less mechanism for easy placement of base and lidding material
  • Machine equipped with safety Interlocks, Phase failure detection, Splicing table, Auto feeding stop arrangement
  • Versatile with various types of Thermoforming and Cold Forming Materials
  • Dedicated mechanical embossing station ensures high quality batch code details with hot embossing facility
  • Temperature setting through HMI
  • Full cGMP Compliance


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