Company : CVC Technologies Inc

Category : Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery

Key Products : Bulk Packing Line, Capsule Filler and Closer

CVC Technologies Inc is a US Based company with manufacturing activity in US and Taiwan. Our Asia Pacific headquarters are in TAIWAN. CVC Technologies has offices all over the world. CVC India is a Marketing/Service liaison office of CVC Taiwan. CVC Technologies has   been in Pharmaceutical packaging machinery business since 1979.

Bulk Packing Line

CVC counting and bottling line are widely applied and strongly recommended by pharmaceutical manufacturers all around the world. The line has been designed to comply with FDA and cGMP regulations and has proven performance at top Pharmaceutical companies in India and abroad.

Line Output available can vary from 60 BPM, 75 BPM, 120 BPM, 150 BPM and 200 BPM.  CVC guarantee 100% accuracy in counting with perfect capping and sealing.  Comprehensive equipments on the line include Bottle Unscrambler , Tablet/Capsule counter ,  Desiccant Inserter ,Cottoner, Capper, labeler, Induction Cap sealer, Leaflet outserter  and  end of line secondary packing including Shrink  wrap and Cartoners  , The line is an Integrated Line equipped with backlog sensors and in-feed sensors to automatically start /stop machine . Also,  Sufficient hopper capacities and line buffers enable continuous line running with minimum stoppages.

Capsule Filler and Closer

The CVC 1410-12 Automatic Capsule Filler and Closer is middle to high speed range encapsulation equipment for 2 piece hard gelatin capsules, capable of processing up to 72,000 capsules per hour. Enclosed design avoids powder getting into machine mechanical parts. The material contact parts are made of stainless steel SS 316. Various convenient and user-friendly design features are employed so that users can dismantle all the necessary parts such as capsule holders easily, clean them and carry out re-assembly easily. All parts are easily accessible for cleanup and maintenance.

Vial Inspection Machine

CVCAI30 is a machine designed to automatically inspect containers filled with transparent or semi-transparent liquids to detect foreign matter.
Mechanical Speed of the machine is about 180000 pcs/hour (for 2 ml ampoule)

The inspection of foreign matter is performed by two cameras placed along the inspection path: aim of the inspection is to check the presence of foreign particles inside the liquid (two stations TV1 and TV2). Two additional cameras can inspect the ampoules tip (TV4), the filling level or the alucap sealing (TV3). They can support both the CCD Camera technology and the linear scan technology for the inspection.

CVC Labelers

CVC Labelers don't require operator adjustments for product sensor or label sensor.. This is because of the patented SELF SET™ technology on our machines. Through SELF SET™ our microprocessor based machine automatically synchronizes speed  of  all moving parts  . This automatic adjustment prevents the CVC Labeler from wrinkles and mis-feeds. It also helps reduce change overtime significantly.  Also the operator skill required to operate the machine is significantly reduced. They  provide Wrap Around Labelers, Top and Bottom Labelers , High Speed Ampoule Labelers

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Shrink Wrapping Machine Can collate and pack products with an output of 15  packs/min(in 2 X 4), 8 pcs /pack, and 12packs/min (4 X 6,4pcs/pack). It is User-friendly design for simple operation. It needs Low investment and operational cost. Available options at in-feed include single lane, double lane and four lane versions. Suitable for various pack sizes & types for different heat sealable material. Quick changeover. Hi-speed wrapping with faster sealing times. Low power consumption.

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