Company : Dividella AG

Category : Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery

Key Products : NeoTOP X, NeoTOP 804, Fully Automated Packaging Machine


MedImmune wanted to respond to the voice of the customer who was requesting a new unit of sales – Single Unit Dose package. This new package format for a nasal administration live virus fl u vaccine must be stored at sub-zero temperatures (-25 deg C) and shipped at - 80 deg C. The costs to maintain the infrastructure to store product at these freezing temperatures is very expensive.

Save on total cost of package

Flu vaccines are a high volume commodity product, in which price, availability, and Time-to-Market are key factors for success. The entire production for the flu season takes place within a 3-4 month period. Production operates on 24/7 basis. In addition, vaccines are shipped and stored in a cold-chain. This requires cold storage within the facility and the warehouses in the distribution channel. Refrigerated trucks are also required for intermediate transport. Dispensing pharmacies and clinics must also store the vaccine in a refrigerator.

Faster to market thanks to maximum flexibility

The very best of technology which has proved itself over many decades, adapted to new packaging requirements – this was what the customer wanted. The NeoTOP 304 packaging machine from Dividella AG, which has just been fully upgraded, features greatly increased flexibility, to the customer’s