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Key Products : High Speed syringes line, Filling and closing line for fragrances

Groninger is a German pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer known for innovation, quality and service in the designing of customized machines for the pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare and cosmetics industry.


Groninger focuses towards Customer centric service and is dedicative in providing optimum solutions more than simply meeting the requirements of the customers. Groninger’s ultimate goal is to meet the challenges of the future and to offer innovative solutions through research and development. With more than 1000 employees working closely to provide solutions and to optimize processes – we are fulfilling our company philosophy "We fill Visions with Life".



These reasons complemented Groninger to become a technology leader in building customized machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. To remain successful in this field, Groninger perfectly meets their customers’ requirements.



A Brief Overview:



Filling and closing. Innovation is part of daily business.



Products Specialized machinery used for the pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare & cosmetics industries


Locations: Crailsheim, Schnelldorf – Germany; Charlotte, NC – USA

Representatives: Worldwide spread in over 35 countries

Founded: 1980

Management: Horst Groninger, Jens Groninger, Volker Groninger

Employees: 1000 worldwide

Turnover: 130 million Euros per annum

Export rate: 90 %

Vision: Groninger, with a wide range of exceptional machines and equipment for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, set the benchmark and targets to be a leader in the world market by offering more distinguished and innovative products.

Packaging Pre-Sterilized Syringe

Groninger has perfected itself in the entire process of packaging pre-sterilized syringes in the nest, which it helped the manufacturer for designing standalone special machines and development of fully automated processing line for pre-sterilized syringes in nest that includes four significant systems including Opening system for aseptic outer packages, Removing the cover foil and fabric inserts, Filling and closing machine and Reject discharge system to deliver an output around 60,000 units/h.

The decisive factors helped Groninger succeed in the market with technical expertise and consistent implementation of innovative technologies. Packaging pre-sterilized syringes process implemented with customer needed requirements not only fortified its Nested Syringes but flaunted its years of experience.

Creativity, flexibility and productivity. These are the strong ethics adhered at Groninger for fast, economical and consistently customer-oriented solutions. Planning is not solely conducted in isolated production steps but always as part of the total optimized manufacturing process. By far providing high-performance, multifunctional concepts in which optimally matched components precisely complements one another.

The customer acknowledges Groninger’s professional project management to be a reliable partner with overall responsibility for supplying the right product. This is particularly the case for complex turn-key solutions. Groninger offers outstanding perspectives in global competition.

Isolator Line

The future of aseptic or toxic production belongs to the advanced isolator technology. It offers the smallest and safest clean room technology in the market today and opens new dimensions in production safety and cost reduction for the pharmaceutical industry.

Advantages of isolator technology

  • Increased product safety by reducing the risk of contamination with no direct contact between operators and product.
  • Providing good decontamination options with environmentally friendly and easily broken-down hydrogen peroxide is one of the significant advantages from advanced isolator technology.
  • Lowering of investing- and production costs by minimizing sterile space, through saving of time in crossing boundaries and gowning procedures as well as lower gowning requirements and its cleaning and sterilization.
  • Advanced isolator technology increases productivity by extending operating and machine running periods without influencing the clean room quality and product safety.
  • Simple and reliable transfer unit.

Groninger is consistently focused on developing aseptic filling with its filling and sealing machines for the pharmaceutical industry.

Isolator Pre-Sterilized Syringes

Isolator line for pre-sterilized syringes is a small scale production line with a semi-automated debugger, tub decontamination module, manual lid and liner removal and syringe de-nesting station with a filling and closing module under isolator, processes syringes up to 3.000 pieces per minute.

With key points from Isolator line for pre-sterilized syringes - fully automatic, Validatable production process and a 100% In-Process-Control highest product quality is assured.

Vial Processing

Design for optimized safety - For optimum product safety, actuation and working areas are strictly separated. The filling needle movement and the stroke movement of the pumps are observed by rotary motion. Following the reason, stroke movements of the pump and the filling needles are restricted from the black actuation zone to the white working zone.

Secure filling without lost effect - By the high-innovative segment transport system, the continuously running machine can be driven in intermittent operation infilling and weighing area. In connection with Groninger IPC (In-Process-Control) you can reach by this flexibility an increase product safety.

Segment transport system – easy to dismantle and autoclave. The complete segment transport system can be taken out of the machine within minutes with only few handling tools. Dismantling the single components is uncomplicated. The transport segments are put into guide slides which are simply put out of the transport guide. The single product contacting components are therefore very easy to clean and autoclave.

For Vial processing, Groninger offers high-speed vial line under isolator with connection to freeze dryer.

Perfume Filling Machine

Fragrance 50 is the first of its kind filling machine from the new Groninger Business Line of series. Processes perfumes, aftershaves and eau de toilette with a production speed of 50 units per minute. One of the critical factors for choosing this system for cosmetic product processing is flexibility. This is precisely where the Groninger Business Line technological approach exceeds all expectations. With Fragrance 50, you can choose the fully equipped package or a less comprehensive configuration.

Upgrades are offered at ease and can be done at any time the later on down the road. This permits the highest level of flexibility for your production system from the very beginning – and can greatly impact the future of your production. In each model, Groninger is striking new paths with the Fragrance 50.Benefit now from a wide range of advantages from the new product series.

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