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Founded in 1992, Dr. Lauterbach & Partner (LP.) has been successfully implementing printing and packaging solutions based on world leading mySAP™ ERP systems and software amended by industry add-ons. The packaging solutions feature pre-configuration settings of SAP™ products plus software add-on’s to automate the key business processes of the packaging industry, end-to-end with minimal installation effort.


LP.Consultants is the first software supplier to provide SAP™ -JDF-workflow integration. With more than 15 years of business experience LP.’s mission is to provide world leading pre-configured, yet flexible business software packages to the packaging industry.






SAP-Business Partner


LP. has a close working relationship with SAP™ resources in software development and business solutions.




LP. is a full member of the International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress Organization (CIP4). The SAP-JDF-Interface has been developed in cooperation with MAN Roland and Bobst Group.




With deep industry expertise and with implementation experience coming from more than 14 years of successful implementation of standard business software in the packaging industry across Europe demonstrates LP.'s consulting and implementation service capabilities for the packaging industry.


Management Consulting


LP.’s long-lasting and unique industry experience offers customers management support by offering a cost-benefit analysis of the planned software investment and by identifying possible needs for organisational changes, measures for improving efficiency, effectivity and for cutting implementation and system costs.




LP. provides consulting services for all relevant corporate activities like sales, distribution, material management, purchasing, warehouse management, barcode-based material flow control, product data management, production planning and detailed scheduling, quality management and finance integration.


Implementation Services


Implementation services comprise the training of the project team. Support for data migration and go-live support during the first critical days after the go-live.


Project Management


LP. applies state-of-the-art standardized project methodologies that have been tried and tested in many implementation projects in the packaging industry.


Maintenance and Support


Maintenance and support services are provided for both, the SAP product portfolio and the industry extensions provided by LP. and include continuous updates of LP.Packaging.


Technical Support


LP. offers technical support for the systems and subsystems utilized by customer to run LP.Packaging.





IT-Strategy: Standard Software


The mySAP™ ERP product family complemented by the industry solution SAP for Mill Products™ forms the basis of LP.Packaging.


Rapid and Cost-Effective Implementations through Pre-packaged Industry Solutions



LP.’s extensive and long-standing implementation enables it to deliver completely preconfigured, yet flexible, SAP™ application based solutions to the packaging industry.





LP.Packaging implements Best Practices of the packaging industry making full use of the SAP™ standard software package.


LP.Best Practices


The best practices provide predefined and optimized business processes for the printing and packaging industry.


Industry-specific Add-on’s


Best Practices for Packaging are supported by software add-ons and extensions that are included in LP.Packaging


Technical Principles of Cost Estimation for New Products


Predefined product groups and a modular system of functions provide automatic cost estimation of products inquired for the first time without the need to enter product-related master data beforehand.


Sequence Planning


Provides functionality for grouping orders with the objective to minimize setup time.


Barcode-Controlled Material Movements


Provides functionality for recording material movements by scanning labels or tags


Industry Specific Reports


The industry specific reports are available for the deviation analysis of manufacturing costs and sales prices in tender and sales order costing, for information of profit margin, price variance, for service costs and revenues per order etc.




Provides seamless workflow integration of prepress, press and postpress management systems with mySAP™ ERP.


Trim Optimization Interface


Transfers material requirements of corrugated board sheets with attached technical specifications to third party trim optimization software.

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