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Key Products : Rotary Weighing Filler, Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Liquid Filling & Packaging System. Since our establishment in 1988, we have offered an extensive range of packaging system. Now, we are so happy to get some good responses or reputation of excellent quality for our products such as Rotary Weighing filler, Tube filling & sealing machine, Cream filling machine, Unscrambler, In-line filler, Capping machine and so many other solutions supplied for our precious customers in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food & beverage industry.


Rotary Weighing Filler

Packon RWF series are rotary filler models that use the net weight filling principle. Every filling station has a weighing plate over an electronic load cell. This is connected to an independent controller linked to the main processor designed by packon
to achieve high filling accuracy of +/-0.1%

Net weight filling involves real time weighing and display of the current volume on the operation panel ( after tare weight calibration of the bottle ). The 2-step filling process is done first by a second fine flow to achieve a high filling accuracy up to the last drop.

Uncontrolled giveaway of product from filling deviation and the accumulated cost associated with this product loss is a significant consideration when investing in high speed filling equipment.


  • Equipped with industrial panel PC and color touch screen
  • Easy connection to supervision system
  • User - friendly interface with illustrated operation keys and simple selection from preset parameters
  • Bar graph display of real time filling
  • Resetting of weighing stations every carousel revolution
  • Self detection of false filling with warning signal and auto rejection
  • Auto - evaluation of final weight with target weights & auto correction for following cycle
  • Production data available as an Excel file
    ( Final weights, Average, Min & Max, Standard deviation, Sigma value and others... )
  • Classified access level with password for data protection
  • Auto - sampling of filling stations for Quality Control purposes
  • Individual on - board weighing processor ( PK 2006 ) for each weighing station

Tube Filling Machine

It offers accurate filling & secure sealing condition for wide range of tube application as like : medical ointment, tooth paste, cosmetic creams, shampoo, sauces and many others in laminated, PE (polyethylene) and/or Aluminum tubes.


  • Precise dosing and secure sealing quality
  • High production efficiency with a reliable tube print orientation
  • Mechanical cam drive ensure smooth running without noise

Cream Filling Machine

It is applicable to almost all irregular shaped containers. It is helpful to your highly efficient production.

We have also provided various other solutions to our customers in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food & beverage industry.

Technology and quality, we accept the challenge for.

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