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The Pamasol Company was formed in Switzerland and for 50 years has been setting pioneering technological standards in the aerosol industry. In the future as well, Pamasol is depending on high quality and gearing itself to its successful origins in mechanical engineering. As a leading specialist in the aerosol industry, Pamasol has been and remains true to its policy and thus in the future likewise lays the foundation stone for successful business activity.

Pamasol is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of filling machines and supplementary products for the international aerosol industry. The company’s comprehensive service offering includes all the necessary machines and components for every aspect of aerosol filling and spray systems – for all performance categories, from semi-automated system through to high-performance system.

Pamasol has created a h4 name for itself in the global aerosol machine construction industry. The name of Pamasol is synonymous with reliability, innovation and aerosol know how.

Pamasol looks back on a successful past. By employing many years of experience, Pamasol has become an irreplaceable expert in the field. Hence, Pamasol single-mindedly follow a trustworthy and reliable business policy.  Pamasol accompany its customers from the original idea, through to a machine’s initial run and right up to the training of their staff. Even after completion of a project we are always there for them, be this for the system’s maintenance or for the rapid supply of spare parts.

In quality control, Pamasol particularly depends on its qualified employees’ own sense of responsibility. They have all received a well-founded training and ensure the high standard of quality for Pamasol production.

Testing and Safety Equipment

Explosion Proof Gas Filling Room

Pamasol’s subsidiary DH Industries Limited, UK has a free-standing gassing room that is used to fill flammable gases.

The safety system fulfils the highest technological requirements and complies with the recommendations of the European Aerosol Federation, FEA.

Water Baths

Legislation requires that filled aerosol containers are tested to ensure that they have no leaks and that they are pressure resistant. Apart from various alternative testing methods, the most commonly used method is to submerge the filled containers in a bath of hot water.

Water baths are available in different sizes for this fully comprehensive testing method.

Leak Detector

Pressure-resistant and safe pressurised packaging is sold on the market and alternative testing methods can also be used before and after filling. One of these methods involves a leak detector after the container has been filled. The aerosol containers (only monobloc) are tested for leaks around the valve and the neck. Various performance ranges are available.

Automatic Rotary Machines

Automatic rotary machines are powerful machines for large product series, the Centomat rotary indexing stations are the right solution. Efficient automatic rotary machines have a modular construction and are extremely powerful thanks to advanced technology. The high reliability of the automatic rotary machines has contributed to the good name of Pamasol.

As a result of the comprehensive and well-thought out automatic rotary machine concept, the individual process modules can be combined together to form a high performance installation, or can be integrated into an existing aerosol filling system.

Automatic Indexing Machines

Automatic indexing machines are automatic filling and sealing machines with indexed automatic systems, you can process all commercial containers with the corresponding valves. The machines are adapted to client’s production requirements. Quickly replaceable components guarantee short tooling times following a change of format.

The range of the automatic filling machines consists of the standard Macromat 2045/014 and the extended Macromat LB20 version. In order to increase performance, you can extend both machine types into a double production line. You will also find individually equipped feed units to match the performance ranges of the automatic installations.

Measuring Devices

Precise measuring instruments are reliable for all applications in the processing of aerosols are an indispensable aid for quality control.

Test glass for optical checks of aerosols is for containers with 1 inch valves at nominal volume of 100 ml. While using test glass, graduation would be 0 - 80 ml and is recommended operating pressure at 6 bar.

Specification of container- Z 19250 is a measuring device to check the height of the 1" aperture of aerosol containers. The process of measuring specification of container involves

  • Checking the quality of the curl as an absolute measurement
  • Determination of the mean value of the curl height (= contact height)
  • Checking the uniformity of the curl along its circumference

Filling and Closing Machine

The automatic filling and closing machines for aerosol containers with 1" and/or 20 mm opening is Macromat 2045/014. This automatic filling and closing machines for aerosol containers has pneumatic control, at capacity of 40 - 60 containers/min, 80 - 120 containers/min and double line.


Automatic Filling and Closing Machine for pharmaceutical Metered Dose Inhalers

The automatic filling and closing machine for pharmaceutical metered dose inhalers MDIs (i.e. asthma spray) with 20 mm opening is Macromat 2045/016. For 1 or 2 stage filling methods or for combined filling methods, the automatic filling and closing machine for pharmaceutical metered dose inhalers have pneumatic control and capacity of 15 - 40 containers/min. The exclusive features of automatic filling and closing machine for pharmaceutical metered dose inhalers are

  • For 1- or 2-stage fillings or for 1/2- stage filling combined
  • Quick changeover
  • Pneumatic control
  • Possibility of upgrading to a double line
  • GMP-conform

Propellant Filling Stations

Centomat rotary stations are suitable for the filling and sealing of products in large series. The individual process modules may be combined to form a high-performance system or installed in an existing filling line to increase production efficiency. The pressure filler fills the propellant into closed aerosol containers quickly and precisely in one work cycle. The high filling accuracy also allows smaller volumes to be filled. The machine is fitted with a filling head and an adapter set.

Capacity: 150 - 600 units/min

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