Company : Recon Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd.

Category : Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery

Key Products : Can Making Machinery, Machinery for Pilfer Proof Caps

Recon serves as the one-stop packaging solution and machinery provider for leading food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The company has over 1000 satisfied customers in India and 32 other countries. The company which was established in 1983 is the fastest growing machinery and tooling manufacturer in South Asia. Recon's product range covers more than 100 different machines and 200 different dies and tools, and is the largest offered by a single manufacturer in the region. Recon has also been awarded an ISO 9001: 2000 certification for the quality of its products and machinery.


Recon's products supporting pharmaceutical industries are broadly classified as:



  • Machinery for manufacture of metal cans, metal closures, and steel drums
  • Filling lines for food products in powder, liquid, and paste form in rigid containers



Recon has won awards instituted by Indian Institute of Packaging, and has over 50,000 square feet of plant area spread over Mumbai, Mysore, and Mangalore to facilitate the manufacturing activities, wherein world-class manufacturing facilities including latest designing software and CNC machining technology have been applied.



Modern production lines designed by Recon comprise of machine systems integrated to work as a continuous production unit with high efficiency and productivity.



A normal production line catering to pharmaceutical industry comprises filling machines, can seaming machines / capping units, check weighers, embossing machines, etc.



Machinery for Pilfer Proof Caps



Recon Offers plant and machinery for pilfer proof caps as well as deep drawn pilfer proof caps with output of up to 200,0000 cap



Machinery for Vial Caps



Automatic Plant for vial caps of centre tear off, tear down, embossed, flip-off types, output of up to 200,000 caps / shift.



Filling Machinery for rigid containers



Automatic filling lines for powder / liquid / paste in rigid containers, suitable for food and pharmaceutical products.



Gang slitter: For slitting of tinplate / aluminium sheets into strips.



Coil Slitting Line: For slitting of steel coils, comprising of unwinder, gang slitter, and rewinder.



Roller Coating Line: With roller coating machine for application of lacquer / varnish / coating on tinplate / aluminium / steel sheets



Coil Coating Line: For colour coating of steel coils



Power Press: Key Clutch and Pneumatic Presses Tonnage: 16, 25, 40, 63, 200 Ton



Sleeving Machine: Automatic sleeving machine are also manufactured for application of shrink sleeves on rigid containers.


Round Seaming Machine

Recon can supply semi-automatic and fully automatic plant and machinery for manufacture of round / rectangular / oval cans, aerosol cans, 2 piece shallow drawn cans, ointment / shoe polish tins, conipail, and steel drums up to 200 Ltr capacities.

Automatic Lug Cap Line

Semi automatic and automatic lines for lug caps / twist off caps with production capacity of up to 100,000 caps / 8 hour shift

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