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As a leading supplier of product handling and packaging systems and the latest in robotic technology, we are active in many different industries, including food, pet food, health- and beauty care, pharmaceuticals, non-food items, etc. We are proud that many of the most famous brand names around the world are packaged on Sigpack machines and systems.


Sigpack Systems customers can rely on a full service program, which covers everything from on-site support to a direct online service via the internet. A worldwide sales and marketing network means the customer is never far away from help – we are represented in more than 80 countries on all continents.






The first machines were built back in 1906 and were used to pack chocolate bars, soup cubes and sugar cubes. Sigpack Systems always played a leading role in the development and construction of the machines, a fact that is backed up by the numerous patents.



Sigpack Systems products have always been known for their superior quality and reliability. This success is largely due to the know-how and skills of the Sigpack Systems employees. Today, fully automated Sigpack Systems systems are used around the world to pack a wide variety of food and non-food products both efficiently and reliably.



Main production areas:



  • Packaging systems
  • Packaging automation
  • Robotics



In addition, competent consulting and a comprehensive service program is provided.



Sigpack Service



Central to our business are customer satisfaction and service. This is a commitment to which all our employees here at Sigpack Systems are dedicated, on a day-to-day basis.



When commissioning a Sigpack Systems system or machine, you can rely on the legendary Sigpack Systems service 24 hours a day – whatever the situation we are here to help.



Area of Application



Sigpack Systems offers customized machines and packaging systems, from the filling equipment and product feeding modules right up to multi-unit packing, for all production and output requirements. A decisive factor here is the degree of flexibility that is required for the packaging type, size, output and automation.






In today’s ever-changing packaging technology market, Sigpack Systems offers an unbeatable range of solutions, to the benefit of both the customer and the consumer. The technological advancements of the past few years in the construction of machines and systems, in product handling, in packaging material technology as well as in the field of service have been fully taken on board. Acquisitions and strategic partnerships guarantee us access to important key technologies for the future.



Nothing is left to chance



Within the pharmaceutical industry all batch codes and expiration dates need to be verified. To ensure this, Sigpack Systems uses a vision system to verify the print on the individually wrapped blisters and to keep a log of this process for traceability purposes. Any incorrect data is detected and triggers the rejection of the product, saving time and costs by reducing machinery down time and waste.



Sigpack Systems plays a key role in supporting its customers and thereby helps keep the supply chain reliable and secure. Jose Carrasquillo believes that “the reason for any client, like me, to choose a company like Sigpack Systems is not just for the main equipment, in this case the wrapper, but to integrate all the ancillary equipment into a single system and take responsibility for the performance of the whole line.”



Sigpack Systems AG is one of the world’s leading companies in the development, manufacture and sale of packaging and handling systems, including flexible robot-based solutions for various products and applications. The company focuses on integrated packaging systems, but manufactures a variety of discrete machines as part of that solutions offer. These include: horizontal form fill seal systems, product handling, secondary packaging (top loading robots), robotics (pick and place), flat pouch and stick pack systems, traditional packaging machines (die fold, roll warp and so forth), engineering services, customer training programmes and after sales service.



Celebrating its centenary in 2006, the company’s first machines were used to pack chocolate bars, soup cubes and sugar cubes. Sigpack Systems has always played a leading role in the development and construction of packing machines, a fact endorsed by numerous patents still held by the company.


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