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Stamfag has been manufacturing high quality punching tools for more than hundred years. Stamfag's extensive range of products include punching tools for counter pressure tools, cutting dies for cheese labels and multi-purpose cutting dies. Stamfag offers traditional Swiss high quality coupled with competent advice and reliable service.

Cutting Dies

Stamfag cutting dies offer the highest shaping precision. Cutting dies from Stamfag provide error free prolonged service. High performance from cutting dies increases dimensional accuracy. Cutting dies are able to place high requirements against accuracy of the labels in high speed labeling machine. Stamfag manufactures STAMDUR tungeston carbide cutting dies for high delivery volumes. STAMDUR cutting dies can deliver 100 million labels (depending upon paper quality).

The company has CNC-controlled production processes for cutting dies. It guarantees perfect accuracy for cutting dies and further allows the production of identical replacement blades. The company uses high tech material and equipment for manufacturing cutting dies. STAMDUR cutting dies have parallel cutting crown guaranteeing accuracy and subsequent sharpening.

Cutting Dies Waste Ejector

Stamfag is renowned worldwide for the production of customised cutting tools with blades. Cutting tools are manufactured using hardened stainless steel. Cutting tools manufactured with hardened stainless steel also find application in medical field. Individual customer requirement regarding raw material for cutting tools are also fulfilled. Stamfag has in house sharpening service for finest quality cutting tools. The company also conducts in house feasibility test for cutting tools.

The company offers additional products of ejectors or waste ejectors with cutting tools. The interface between cutting tool and customer machine is done individually. Cutting tools are manufactured using modern 3D CAD System. Stamfag cutting tools are provided with adjustable separating slitters. This allows the cutting height of the waste slitters to be adapted to the cutting tools knife's edge. Thus Stamfag cutting tools prevents possible negative influences on the accuracy and shape of the punched goods.

Counter Pressure Tool

Counter Pressure Tools are constructed using specially designed punching tools. Counter pressure tools, pre press the items to be punched. By doing this counter pressure tools reduces the negative influence of the cushion effect. Thus, counter pressure tools ensure accuracy and shape of the punching tools. Highest shaping precision is ensured through counter pressure tools.

Stamfag is committed to excellent quality and innovation with counter pressure tools. Counter pressure tool is individually created to correspond to the material in question. Through counter pressure tools, Stamfag punching tools have an adjustable cutting geometry. The inner and outer angles can be adapted exactly to the nature of the paper using counter pressure tools. This optimal adjustment capability through counter pressure tools improves the sliding activity and increases the resistance to fracture. Absolute measuring accuracy is guaranteed because of counter pressure tools.

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