Company : J.K. Industries

Category : Pharmaceutical Process Machinery

Key Products : Zero hold up filter press, Toothpaste manufacturing plant

J.K. Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporter of processing equipments for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetic, distillation and bulk drug manufacturing industries. The company has been researching, developing and manufacturing all process equipments reaching international advanced level according to GMP standards. Its product range covers zero hold up filter press, v-shape blender, toothpaste manufacturing plant, rapid mixer granulator, multicolumn distillation plant etc.

Zero hold up filter press

Zero hold up filter press manufactured by J.K. Industries used for wide range of applications by several industries like Pharma, bulk drugs, distilleries, beverages & other industries. The cartridge assembly of zero hold up filter press consists of plates, perforated screens, spacers and fitter media. The plate pack arrangement of zero hold up filter press enables singular as well as combination filtration. The closed system of zero hold up filter press ensures filtration of hazardous materials. The zero hold up filter press also features central feeding facilitating complete recovery of liquids. Zero hold up filter press also provides easy and efficient cleaning. Single pass filtration with no solid bypass is a special characteristic of zero hold up filter press.

V-shape blender

The V-shape blender is a versatile blending machine for the homogeneous mixing and lubrication process of dry powders. The V-shape blender can be used for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic products etc. The suitable medium speed and the V shape are the added advantageous features of the V-shape blender. The V-shape blender facilitates easy loading, unloading and cleaning. High quality stainless steel is used for the fabrication of the V-shape blender. V-shape blender is designed with compliance to international GMP standards. The "V" shape of the V-shape blender gives sufficient continuous movement to the granules, result in good quality.

Toothpaste manufacturing

The toothpaste manufacturing plant of J.K. Industries is an ideal tool for toothpaste manufacturing. The toothpaste manufacturing plant requires operation by a single operator and one helper. All contact parts of toothpaste manufacturing plant are of S.S. 304 quality material and are crevice free. The toothpaste manufacturing plant is facilitated with CIP and SIP connections. The inlet and outlet connections of the toothpaste manufacturing plant are provided with tri clover joints, to be easily cleaned and replaced. All materials transfer in the toothpaste manufacturing plant is done vacuum pumps. The toothpaste manufacturing plant is equipped with an electrical control panel with digital temperature indicators and digital timers. The toothpaste manufacturing plant conforms to CGMP standards. The toothpaste manufacturing plant is specially designed to maintain the effective quality of the toothpaste.

Multicolumn distillation plant

The multicolumn distillation plant is based on FINNAQUA design. The multicolumn distillation plant consists of specially designed columns which produce sterile distill water. The multicolumn distillation plant is compact and easy to operate and maintain. All contact parts in the multicolumn distillation plant are of S.S.316 quality. Maintenance cost of in the multicolumn distillation plant is low as there are no moving parts. Distilled water as per IP/BP standards is produced in the multicolumn distillation plant. Total energy saving in the multicolumn distillation plant is 75% as less heating energy and less cooling water is required.

Rapid mixer granulator

Rapid Mixer Granulator is designed to achieve excellent mixing and consistent granules. Rapid mixer granulator model is available from 15 Liters to 600 Liters capacity gross capacity. Rapid mixer granulator features PLC based operating panel for precise control of process and automation. Rapid mixer granulator motor is provided with a removable stainless steel shroud which covers the motor and simplifies cleaning. The rapid mixer granulator can not be started unless and until the mixer cover is properly closed. All contact parts of the rapid mixer granulator are made out of SS304. Rapid Mixer Granulator ensures homogeneous binder distribution.

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