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Category : Pharmaceutical Process Machinery

Key Products : Agitated Tanks, Conical Dryer

Srinidhi Engineers was established in the year 2004 as Srinidhi Services,they offer a wide range of pharmaceutical equipment, chemical equipment and machinery like – Agitated Tanks, Conical Dryers, Conical Mixers, Contra Rotary Mixers, Paste Mixers, Double Cone Vacuum Dryers . Srinidhi Engineers have the ability to manufacture and supply superior quality machinery and equipment because of their modern infrastructure.


Agitated Tanks



The agitated tanks are vertical and cylindrical and are convenient for all purposes . Agitated tanks are fabricated according to established codes and designs. The agitated tanks have the capability of meeting the required quality assurance. The agitated tanks are of different types and models. These agitated tanks are made to store and dispense various materials. The agitated tanks have flat or conical bottoms depending on the material to be mixed. The agitated tanks are suitable for all kinds of chemicals, these agitated tanks can be used at different temperatures.



Contra Rotary Mixers



The company manufactures Contra Rotary Mixers which are used for products of high viscosity and density. The contra rotary mixers are used for mixing liquids and solids like creams, lotion & pastes. The contra rotary mixers are convenient and safe to use.


Conical Dryers

The Conical dryer is used to perform various processes like mixing, drying and vapor recovery . Conical dryer is known for low energy consumption. The Conical dryer produced by Srinidhi Engineers is environment friendly, because it is a complete closed system, the Conical dryer is very effective and operations can be performed within a short period. The company manufactures Conical dryers which are well known for effective space utilization as it can be suspended on lugs and utilizes more vertical space than horizontal. In these Conical dryers, several operations can be combined, thus reducing human handling.

Conical Mixers

The company’s Conical mixer is basically for Precision mixing of inputs of free flowing powders of various proprotions,e.g. COMPLAN ,GLUCON D or ELECTROL. Each Conical mixer is made according to the market specification. The Conical mixer is designed as per process and design codes . Srinidhi Engineers designs and develops Conical mixers for various purposes and they ensure the perfection of the Conical mixer. All safety measures are adhered to, while producing the Conical mixer. These Conical mixers are easy to use and are environmental friendly. all the spare parts used in the Conical mixer are of the highest quality.

Paste Mixers

Srinidhi Engineers market superior quality paste mixers to fulfill the requirement of both domestic and international buyers . The paste mixers are of international quality , the paste mixers are widely used in the Cosmetic industry. The paste mixers are designed as per the requirement of the market. The choice of the paste mixers depends on many factors like volume, temperature and viscosity of the product, the other factors while choosing paste mixer are size of the raw material , price of the mixer and materials handled. The paste mixers have the capacity to mix and thrust or force out in one mixer , the highest viscosity of materials . The paste mixers are tested in labs to ensure the best quality.

Double Cone Vacuum Dryers

The double cone vacuum dryers is a drying equipment where jacketed vessles tumble, rotate thus mixing, drying and displacement of powder/wet cake takes place. Both Vacuum and heating gives you drying of wet cake to a lower level. Easy to operate and maintain, compared to Conical DRYER.

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