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Swami Vessels Private Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of equipments and machines required in a chemical processing industry. Swami Vessels is a 14 year old company and has successfully developed equipments for the purpose of distillation, crystallization, rectification, heating, etc. The product range offered by the company includes industrial boilers, industrial crushers, flacker machine, open evaporators, hydro-extractor, filters, chemical reactor, etc. Special customized designing, installation and sales service are offered to the clients to ensure smooth functioning of the products. The company resorts to quality control mechanisms to maintain the quality of its products.


Flacker Machine



A varied range of flacker machine is presented by Swami Vessels, flacker machine is quite popular since it is corrosion resistant and is quite durable and dependable at the same time. High quality of raw material is used in the manufacture of flacker machine. This raw material for the production of flacker machine is sourced from reliable vendors associated with Swami Vessels. Belt flacker machine is a comprehensive range supplied by Swami Vessels which has great industrial usage. It is used for making uniform flakes of materials. Flacker machine is generally used in gum, minerals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food industry. Stainless steel flacker machine is primarily used for effective solidification of materials. It is made up of stainless steel and mild steel.


Industrial boilers

Swami Vessels offers a wide range of industrial boilers renowned for its simple configuration and easy operation. Industrial boilers can be easily customized suiting to the need of the clients. Industrial boilers offered by Swami Vessels are fabricated with expertise adopting latest and modern technological methods, to deliver excellent results. Industrial boilers include a wide array of stem and pressure boilers. Industrial boilers are built with carbon steel. At the time of manufacturing industrial boilers the characteristics of fuel to be used is taken into consideration. Industrial boilers are available in different capacities from 100kg/hr to 1200kg/hr. Industrial Boilers are non-IBR coil type. Swami Vessels also offers fully automated oil fired steam boilers and multi fuel fired semi automatic steam industrial boilers.

Industrial Crushers

Swami Vessels offers a very efficient range of industrial crushers. These superior quality industrial crushers are extensively used for crushing of various types of stones, coal and other similar products. Industrial crushers can be easily customized as per the specifications provided by the customer. Industrial crushers known as Jaw Crushers are well known for their simple configuration. Industrial crushers are also used to crush chemicals. Depending upon the material to be crushed industrial crushers can be modified. Industrial crushers are well acclaimed for their longetivity features. Easy operation system of industrial crushers ensures great durability and dependability in all conditions. Swami Vessels takes special care regarding the delivery of industrial crushers. Industrial crushers are delivered within a stipulated time period as agreed upon by the client.

Spray dryer

Swami Vessels is supplier of a comprehensive range of evaporators. Open evaporators have great usage in industrial processes. Swami Vessels supplies different types of evaporators which are rising film, falling film, thin film, forced circulation and open evaporators. Open evaporators are very user friendly while operation. Open evaporators are configured with great simplicity which draws the attention of customers. Open evaporators are well acclaimed for effective performance. Open evaporators can be modified and customized according to the specifications provided by the clients. Swami Vessels provides the facility of customization of open evaporators in order to enable its clients to meet their requirements. Proper attention is paid to deliver open evaporators within the stipulated time period.


Swami Vessels offers specialized hydro- extractor called centrifuge. Hydro-extractor is fabricated with specialization for optimum usage and performance. The function of hydro-extractor is to segregate particles from their solutions according to their shape, size, and density, viscosity of the medium and rotor speed. Hydro-extractor is manufactured in accordance to the requirement and specification of its client. The size and power of hydro- extractor may vary according to the substance involved. The capacity of hydro- extractor ranges to in MS/MSRL/MSFRP/SS. Hydro- extractor is made up of high quality raw material following latest manufacturing techniques.

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