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TOPRA is a global organisation for Regulatory Affairs professionals and for those who have an interest in Regulatory Affairs in the healthcare sector.


TOPRA’s current membership is drawn from over 40 countries and members worldwide are actively involved in delivering the services needed by busy regulatory specialists. Members are drawn from industry, the regulatory agencies and the consultancy community and work in all sectors including medical technologies, biotech, borderline products and pharmaceuticals.



TOPRA is a non-profit, non-political organisation which seeks to advance the status of the regulatory profession through education, and provision of information to its members.



Just by being a member of TOPRA, an individual signals a commitment to their career in Regulatory Affairs and a serious approach to the difficult task of keeping up-to-date in this rapidly changing environment.



The Annual European Medicines Agency Review of the past Year and Outlook for the next year



The annual EMEA round-up of the year and look towards the next year - a firm favorite with any European regulatory affairs personnel as the key year end event to reflect on the year gone by and to plan for the upcoming year.



This conference covers all the major areas of medicines legislation covered by the European Medicines Agency. If you are working at a Europe wide level then this meeting is a must for all levels of regulatory personnel. It will provide you with practical advice on the working of the EMA within the European regulatory network.




TOPRA - Exhibition & Eating

Everything TOPRA does – from educational programmes, to information resources and networking forums – is guided by our members' needs and aspirations. Membership of TOPRA is an affirmation of professional commitment both to TOPRA and Regulatory Affairs in general.

Membership supports Regulatory Affairs professionals in their career, their professional development and enhances their value to employers, both current and potential.

All TOPRA’s conferences, events and courses provide excellent networking opportunities, as well as the most current information. TOPRA members benefit from reduced fees for many of TOPRA’s educational and training programmes. In addition, there are a wide variety of other member benefits, not least the monthly peer-reviewed and authoritative journal, Regulatory Rapporteur

TOPRA - Training & Development

Through the IC, TOPRA helps to develop regulatory professionals to make the right choices for themselves, their organizations and their wider communities. We provide exclusively experienced executives from senior posts to present and discuss real life case studies and knowledge of RA


  • A winning combination of lectures and interactive case studies that afford you the opportunity to put theory into practice.
  • An international speaker panel with representatives from industry, contract houses and regulatory agencies.
  • A lot of time for exchanging knowledge and sharing experiences with fellow students and speakers.
  • Chosen by Regulatory Affairs Managers who wish to get their people up-to-speed on current EU regulatory practices.
  • Looks at the bigger picture, focusing not only on EU legislation and regulatory procedures, but also on the central role that Regulatory Affairs plays in a modern pharmaceutical company and in the development of new drugs.



CRED (Continuing Regulatory Education and Development)



A programme comprising a series of one-day and two-day interactive workshops, run over a two-year cycle, and offers:



  • Structured, but flexible, continuing regulatory education – allowing regulatory professionals to design training programmes to suit individual needs.
  • A choice of interactive workshops, covering ten core topics, run over a two-year cycle –providing regulatory professionals with the opportunity to keep their Continuing Professional Development up-to-date by providing the technical and practical knowledge in all the key areas of their day-to-day work.
  • A balance of theory and practice – helping equip participants with practical skills that can be applied immediately.
  • Speakers drawn from both regulatory agencies and industry – providing participants with different perspectives.
  • Interactive sessions (often based upon case studies) – ideas and experience are shared between participants and speakers to help you understand common problems faced in everyday situations.


TOPRA - Annual Symposium

This important annual Symposium is now recognized as a key event in the European calendar of all those working in the healthcare regulatory affairs arena.

This Symposium is for all those involved in regulatory affairs and brings together representatives of industry, the regulatory agencies and the European Commission to discuss and understand today’s regulatory issues and debate the future plans for regulation. This is the key annual European regulatory forum for all those involved in the pharmaceutical sector and aims to bring you all the latest information and, importantly, what is coming over the horizon.

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