Groninger & Co. GmbH

Manufacturer : Groninger & Co. GmbH

Category : Pharmaceutical packaging distribution

Key Products : High Speed syringes line, Filling and closing line for fragrances

Groninger is a German pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer known for innovation, quality and service in the designing of customized machines for the pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare and cosmetics industry.


Groninger focuses towards Customer centric service and is dedicative in providing optimum solutions more than simply meeting the requirements of the customers. Groninger’s ultimate goal is to meet the challenges of the future and to offer innovative solutions through research and development. With more than 1000 employees working closely to provide solutions and to optimize processes – we are fulfilling our company philosophy "We fill Visions with Life".



These reasons complemented Groninger to become a technology leader in building customized machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. To remain successful in this field, Groninger perfectly meets their customers’ requirements.



A Brief Overview:



Filling and closing. Innovation is part of daily business.



Products Specialized machinery used for the pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare & cosmetics industries


Locations: Crailsheim, Schnelldorf – Germany; Charlotte, NC – USA

Representatives: Worldwide spread in over 35 countries

Founded: 1980

Management: Horst Groninger, Jens Groninger, Volker Groninger

Employees: 1000 worldwide

Turnover: 130 million Euros per annum

Export rate: 90 %

Vision: Groninger, with a wide range of exceptional machines and equipment for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, set the benchmark and targets to be a leader in the world market by offering more distinguished and innovative products.

High-Speed syringes line

High-Speed syringes line

Isolator Line

Isolator Line

Pre-sterilized syringes Isolator

Pre-sterilized syringes Isolat

Vial Processing

Vial Processing

Perfume Filling Machine

Perfume Filling Machine

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