2nd RNAi- Based Therapeutics Summit 2021

2nd RNAi- Based Therapeutics Summit 2021

15 June - 17 June, 2021


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Organized By:

Hanson Wade

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52 Grosvenor Gardens, London, SW1W 0AU

About 2nd RNAi- Based Therapeutics Summit 2021

As investments and collaborations hit a record high, the RNAi therapeutics industry continues to rapidly expand. With RNAi drugs prevailing as a therapy with huge potential against liver diseases, exciting efforts have now turned to a wide range of other diseases, from CNS, oncology, metabolism and more. Despite the growing momentum, much needs to be addressed in terms of targeted delivery, safety, and efficiency to fully unleash the therapeutic value of RNAi drugs.

Built with large pharma and pioneering biotech insights, the 2nd RNAi- Based Therapeutics Summit returns virtually in 2021 to reunite key stakeholders of the field to tap into the full therapeutic opportunity of a wide-range of targeted RNAi therapies with enhanced endosomal escape, extrahepatic delivery, & PKPD for CNS, oncology & beyond.

With a number of RNAi based clinical candidates emerging and excitement building in the field, join the 2nd RNAi Based Therapeutic Summit 2020 – the comprehensive industry guide for senior biopharmaceutical leaders from discovery, translation & clinical development functions to stay ahead of the race in developing the first targeted extrahepatic RNAi therapy that addresses unmet patient need.

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