Deep Learning World 2020

Deep Learning World 2020

11 May - 12 May, 2020

+1 508 7483955

Holiday Inn Munich City Center, Germany

Organized By:

Rising Media Ltd

+49 (0) 8151 556 604 5

Tutzinger-Hof-Platz 6 82319 Starnberg Deutschland

About Deep Learning World 2020

Deep Learning is no longer the cool new discipline. Instead it has become another tool in the toolbox of the data scientist – but a very important one! Without RNN, CNN etc. many applications that make our daily life better or help us to improve our business wouldn’t be possible. Take for example the German Federal State NRW: they are using neural networks to detect child pornography. Other organizations use it to detect cancer, translate text or inspect machines. It’s also important to understand how Deep Learning sits alongside traditional machine learning methods. As an expert you should know when and how to apply different methods for different applications. At the Deep Learning World conference, you will learn from other practitioners why they decided for a deep, transfer or reinforcement learning approach, what the analytical and technical but also organisational and economic challenges were and how they solved them. Take this opportunity and visit the two-day event to broaden your knowledge, deepen your understanding and discuss your questions with other Deep Learning experts – see you in May 2020 in Munich!




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