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AGIO Pharmaceuticals Limited
AGIO Pharmaceuticals Limited


AGIO Pharmaceuticals Limited was instituted in 1991 to augment a focused approach towards global pharmaceutical brand marketing. Today, like the prism we have spread our aura of being a professionally managed and a committed organization over several countries.

Careful planning and sound understanding of various countries and their medical needs, has enabled us to enjoy the trust and support of the medical fraternities in these countries in the areas of Ethical medicine, OTC medicine, Herbal formulations and Veterinary formulations. Our pharmaceutical and veterinary product range includes a combination of over 365 formulations in over 20 therapeutic segments. Hence we are known as a progressive total solutions provider with a vision that is global and an expertise which is local to various markets.

Understanding the various complexities of marketing and compliance of various international regulatory formalities has facilitated our entry and helped us establish a strong base in the CIS - spanning over 12 countries and 300 registered products.  Along with a vast operation in CIS countries, we also operate in other parts of the world; such as Europe, Asia and Africa.

AGIO has made inroads into the domestic market of the subcontinent of India. Presently spanning across Western India, we have a well-knit distribution channel, penetrating the very interiors of the country ensuring the availability of quality medicines for every individual, accessible not only at affordable prices, but also well within reach.

Acknowledging the importance of targeted, customer focused marketing; AGIO has its sales divisions focused around the specialty customer. Our sales force constantly endeavors to promote our world-class products

Changing pharmaceutical scenarios have encouraged us to initiate projects into various areas like Bulk Drugs, Nutraceuticals and Consumer Products. When appropriate, we actively seek opportunities to extend the life of these products through innovative line extensions.

• Offers finished formulations  meeting cGMP Quality  Standards
• Product range spanning several therapeutic categories such as  Antibiotics, Antidiabetics, Antihypertensives, Haematinics ,   PPIs ,Dermatologicals
• Manufacturing expertise encompassing  tablets , liquids ointments capsules , powders & injections
• Engaged in CRAMS
• Research and technology driven ,DSIR approved facility
• Compliant with FDB,PPB,IDA & NDA NORMS
• Offers Technical expertise in successful pharmaceutical project management
• Provides expertise for Capital goods procurement and Strategic Sourcing

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AGIO Pharmaceuticals Limited
Mittal Towers, C - Wing 113,
11th Floor,Nariman Point,
Mumbai - 400 021, India.
Tel: 91-22-2282 6885 / 91-22-42320000
URL: www.agio-pharma.com/

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