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Baader Schulz Laboratories


BAADER SCHULZ LABORATORIES is a total veterinary feed supplements formulating unit started by young dynamic business entrepreneurs having more than 20 years experience in this field.Beyond the success of this business, in 1996 it planned and executed a state of the art plant in Daman(India) for the manufacture of Animal Health Products like Growth Promoters, Electrolytes,  Enzymes, Toxin Binders, Cocciodiostats, Vitamins premixes, Liquid, powder and bolus & animal feed supplements & Veterinary formulations for poultry and animals.After achieving great success in veterinary field, both in the domestic and export markets, the company has further set up a new Plant in 2003 - 2004 with consideration of WHO-GMP norms under banner of Baader Schulz Laboratories – Unit-2.Today the Group is the largest Exporter as well as importer of ingredients for the veterinary industry in India and the leading company in the manufacture and marketing of Animal Feed Supplements; with its own plant to manufacture Human Formulations with Annual Turnover of USD 16.0 $ million and Group turnover USD 35.0  $ million.

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Baader Schulz Laboratories
Shantivilla, Shantivan Tower Compound,
Devidas Lane, Borivali (W).
Mumbai, INDIA
Tel: (91-22) 28956139 / 28956142
URL: www.baaderschulz.com

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