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Bertin Pharma
Bertin Pharma

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Bertin Pharma is not the first step for Bertin Technologies to enter the Life Sciences market. As a matter of fact, the group has been in the field of Life Sciences since the 1990’s.

In collaboration with the Genethon , Bertin Technologies has created in 1992 a department dedicated to biotechnologies called Labimap . Engineers from Labimap have been able to automate key molecular genetics techniques , such as DNA electrophoresis and membrane transfer, as well as DNA extraction, automated sequencing and gene amplification.

Thanks to the never-ending work of robots, the Genethon was able to design innovative machines contributing to the fight against genetic diseases by sequencing the human genome.

In 2002, SPBio (Systèmes Pour les Biotechnologies) is launched. SPBio is dedicated to the development and business valorisation of automated systems and laboratory equipment . SPBio is also involved in biodefense with biological diagnosis and analysis in the fields of global healthcare,
as well as military. 

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