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Mediclone Biotech Pvt. Ltd

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Immunodiagnostic & Therapeutic Products

Mediclone Biotech Pvt. Ltd
Mediclone Biotech Pvt. Ltd

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Mediclone Biotech is a privately owned biotech company specializing on Immunobiotechnology under the ambit of Medical Biotechnology.Diagnostic Biomedicine was the start up for the company and a range of diagnostically significant monoclonal antibody-based kits have been developed and marketed. Currently working on Therapeutic Bio-molecules for infectious diseases and snake toxins.

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Mediclone Biotech Pvt. Ltd
“Millennium House” Block-B,36/37 OMR,
M.K.Srinivasan Nagar Main Road,Perungudi,
Chennai, TamilNadu, India.
Tel: +91 44 24963845
URL: www.mediclonebiotech.com