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Sterile API

1999 saw us take our first step into the pharmaceutical industry as an aspiring pharma company which is ISO Certified. A glorious decade has seen TEENA LABS build an impressive confidence of all the colleagues of the industryCommercial production is carried out in units operating as per cGMP standards and equipped with at par quality equipment and utilities viz, Recievers, Reactors, Crystallisers, P&F Filters, Nutche Filters, VTD’s Granulators, Blenders (all set up in a closed system without any exposure), High efficient WFI Plant, High performance filteration systems, Hot Air and Steam Sterilizers, Sampling & Dispensing booths, Boiler, Chilling Plant, Vacuum pumps, Cooling Towers, Hot and cold water circulation systems, Storage tanks, Power generators, D.M. Plant,Efficient HVAC System that covers all the production activites right from the initial production to the final pack and store point of the product. All the above is running under controlled DP, Temp & % RH. The air classification is made accordingly from class 100A to class 100000 so as to meet the stringent norms of latest Schedule M & CGMP.

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