Aurena Laboratories AB

Aurena Laboratories AB
Magnus Hedman
Director Business Development & Marketing
" Aurena business model is to offer support brand owners to launch innovative and competitive products with shortest possible time to market. We produce the product to companies around the world. "

1. With over 20 years of experience in contract manufacturing of medical aerosols in the industry, Aurena becomes the leading expert in bag-on-valve (BOV) and medical device packaging technology. Would you like to share some insights on the company's business ?

Aurena is still a family-owned business owned by me and my brother Lars Hedman who is Aurena's Managing Director. We are based in the city of Karlstad in Sweden.

Our business model is to offer support brand owners to launch innovative and competitive products with shortest possible time to market. We produce the product to companies around the world.

We  have  a  business model  that  allows  our customers  the   chance  to  pick  products for private labelling  and  have  the  products  launched  and  on  the shelves  within  a  few months if needed.  This  way we help our customers to gain  more  market share  and  be  seen  as an  industry  leader.

Our products are most often classified as medical devices and use the bag-on-valve packaging. The products that Aurena offer are targeting the OTC-market and professional wound- and skin care market.

2. Can you please enlighten us about “Bag-on-valve technology (BOV)”?

The Bag-On-Valve is a barrier packaging technology for liquid or viscous products. It was developed  to improve packaging for cosmetic, medical and even food products. Not only is it convenient and user- friendly, but it can be sprayed evenly at all angles and has up to 99% product emptying.  The actual product content in a BOV aerosol is not filled into the actual can, but into a bag inside the can. To squeeze out the content from the bag, a propellant is needed. Usually, a gas of either compressed air or nitrogen is used. The BOV packaging can offer many advantages for manufacturers, brand owners and consumers.

3. Saline and Seawater based ‘Nasal Sprays’ using the Bag-on-valve packagaing turned out to be very successful on the over-the-counter nasal spray market. What factors made the nasal spray to become the most widespread BOV product in the market?

The saline and seawater nasal sprays areis suitable for bag-on-valve packaging as the liquid inside the can will remain sterile throughout the shelf life even without preservatives. The saline and seawater nasal spray connects well with the trend for natural products and most bag-on-valve products looks great on the shelf.

The bag-on-valve packaging for saline and seawater nasal sprays provides better control of the spray function compared with alternative pump sprays. Compared with preservative-free pump sprays the cost per milliliter using a bag-on-valve package is normally lower.

4. What ideology was behind the introduction of the Bag-on-valve Sterile Alcohol Spray for contamination control ? Has it been a beneficial addition to your offered solutions and services?

Yes, it has been an addition to our product line. The idea behind the concept of using bag-on-valve for contamination control products was to offer a sterile spray package that worked as a continuous spray bottle, unlike the trigger sprays that has dominated this product category. With a trigger spray, the user needs to do a sometimes hard pumping motion to deliver the disinfectant spray mist to a larger area. With our bag-on-valve solutions, the mist will be delivered as long as the actuator is pressed down.

5. What are the goals you intend to achieve over the next five years to stand out from your competitors and motivate customers switching to your products?

We will continue to expand our product range offered to brand owners in the consumer care market and companies in the professional healthcare. We are very excited about the new carbonated nasal sprays, called sparkling saline, that we are about to introduce, together with our US partner Clover Hill.

In cooperation with the Swedish drug-delivery company, Lipidor, we are also developing new topical spray products for use in the bag-on-valve package.

I believe we will be well equipped to continue helping our customers to launch competitive products.

6. Is Aurena currently focusing on offering new technologies other than BOV?

Currently, Aurena focuses on the packaging technology bag-on-valve but we will likely also add the other packaging options that I will need to get back to later. Regarding aerosol packaging, we will also start to offer the new plastic aerosol cans, called SprayPET. This is an innovative alternative to the traditional cans made of aluminium and tinplate.  

7. What are the most significant challenges you face being in the forefront of the medical device aerosol contract manufacturing sector?

The regulatory landscape for registration of medical devices is changing and especially in Europe, it will be necessary for all in this industry to work hard to meet the updated regulatory requirements.

As all industries, we also need to work with the issues related to sustainability and develop our business models to make sure we offer a positive impact on the global or local environment and communities.

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