Amyris Further Expands Relationship with Yifan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Friday, Nov 09, 2018

Amyris, Inc., a leader in the development and production of sustainable ingredients for the Health & Wellness, Clean Beauty and Flavors & Fragrances markets, today announced that it has already expanded its original collaboration with Yifan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (SZ.002019) (“Yifan”) from its September 2018 agreement. Yifan will add a second molecule from Amyris to its vitamin portfolio. One of the leading Chinese pharmaceutical companies, Yifan focuses on innovation, R&D, manufacturing and sales of active pharmaceutical ingredients including nutritional products, and traditional Chinese medicines.

This new multi-million-dollar collaboration between Amyris and Yifan deepens the partnership between the two companies, with immediate revenue from developing products and expected product commercialization as early as 2021, as well as plans for additional products in the future.

“We have an excellent working relationship with Yifan and are excited to be partnering with them on what we believe will have a significant health impact for people and animals,” said John Melo, Amyris President & CEO. “Due to the rapid demand growth in China for cleaner, healthier products, Amyris has the leading technology to partner with companies in this market and we look forward to continuing to announce additional partnerships in the future.”

“We look forward to a successful long term partnership with Amyris, working together to leverage technology and innovation to build an even stronger position within the vitamin market,” commented a representative of Yifan. “Yifan is pleased to have recognized Amyris’s unique capabilities early in the company’s growth expansion into the Chinese market where they can be aligned with our core strengths to grow in our country and abroad.”



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