Targeted Medical Pharma announces changes in Management and Board of Directors

Friday, Jan 30, 2015

Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc. (TRGM), announced several major changes that streamline operations and signify a commitment to revenue growth, cost containment and profitability. The Company has appointed Kim Giffoni, a co-founder and former Vice President of Foreign Sales at Targeted Medical Pharma, as the Chief Executive Officer. Dr. David Silver, former Chief Operating Officer and President at the Company, has been appointed Chief Medical Officer, and Marcus Charuvastra, the Director of Marketing, takes over as Vice President of Operations and Marketing.

In addition, The Board of Directors has appointed veteran healthcare specialist Kerry Weems, as the new Chairman of the Board. Mr. Weems will be replacing Dr. William Shell, a co-founder and former Chief Executive Officer of the Company, who will remain a non-executive Director. A nationally respected expert in health policy and government finance, Mr. Weems has served with distinction in the field of healthcare, including nearly 28 years in the Federal government, as Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Mr. Weems is currently Chief Executive Officer of TwinMed, a national medical supply distributor in Los Angeles.

“The new management structure will make Targeted Medical a leaner more efficient company adding a lot more value for our customers and shareholders,” said recently appointed CEO, Kim Giffoni. “The company can now focus on improving and expanding customer relationships as well as creating new business opportunities domestically and abroad.”


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