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EuroconProducts: PulpEye, LabEye, RMEye.

Eurocon is a technical, processing-consultancy company with many years of experience and has a wide span of knowledge in pulp and paper processing industry. In January 2004 Eurocon released PulpEye, a robust and flexible pulp analyzer utilizing the very latest pulp analysis and measurement technology. PulpEye is the ultimate analyzer for the pulp and paper industry. RMEye is a manual sampling station which together with PulpEye provides the option of both remote manual samples and online sampling simultaneously. RMEye is a complement to the standard manual inlet on the PulpEye. LabEye sample collector provides the option to collect samples on-line from process locations or the exact same samples that PulpEye is measuring on. LabEye can be used online to sample on event, periodically, on manual request, Automatic series, locally or from the DCS system. PulpEye® offers the following measuring modules for online/offline applications:

  • Freeness (CSF/SR/MSR/EWD)
  • Fiber dimensions
  • Shive content
  • Process consistency
  • Brightness
  • pH

TSE Troller AG

TSE Troller AGProducts: Coating Technology - Precision Tools and Machinery, Curtain Coating Application in The Paper Industry, High Precision Slide Dies For Curtain Coating and Coating Stations for product and process development.

TSE Troller AG, located in Murgenthal, Switzerland, have, since 1961, manufactured coating dies for applying single and multi-layer liquid films on a wide variety of flexible base types. The engineering, design and shop staff includes experts with over 20 years of practical industrial experience in coating technology. The company has proprietary design tools for optimizing pre-metered coating equipment and processes to customer requirements. The shops manufacture highest quality dies up to 4.5m (177in) coating width with outstanding gap accuracy.


Dandy Rolls India

Dandy Rolls IndiaProducts: Dandy Rolls, Watermarks and Dandy Roll Bracket Systems, Spindle And Hollow Type Dandy Brackets For Slow Speed Machine, Trunnion Type Bracket Systems, Bracket Assembly Systems For High Speed Machines, Plain Woven Dandy Rolls, Chain Laid Dandy Rolls, Plate Laid Dandy Rolls, Embossed Cover Dandy Rolls, Dandy Roll.

Cleaning System, Watermarks, Dandy Roll Drives Dandy Rolls India is the largest dandy roll makers in Asia and the world's biggest SS plate laid dandy roll maker. The company has manufactured over 1,000 dandy rolls to date. Dandy Rolls India manufactures a wide range of highly sophisticated dandy rolls, watermarks for both slow and high speed machines and dandy roll bracket systems that accommodate multiple size dandy rolls, primarily for the Indian paper industry. We also manufacture phospor bronze and stainless steel wire cloth mesh with modern weaving machines.


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