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August 2011
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ReSearch for Paper
More than 75% of world's spending on paper and products is accumulated at a relatively small proportion of the world. This proportion includes countries USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Japan and Australia. This huge in flow from many corners of the world makes evident that Paper industry in Finland, Sweden, Canada and so on are strongly supported with resources as well as distinguished research centres which provides time to time upgrades and establish trends by themselves instead of following a trend...
Featured Products
Erhardt + Leimer – Auto Guides
For high quality and quantity of paper production, proper dewatering, increase the service life of the Wires/Felts on paper machine, and to have a better control over the Fabric tension a proper positioning of the Wire/Felt is must.
Gear Boxes & Geared Motors
NORD offers superior range of selections for speed ratings in various gear unit designs such as Helical Inline, Shaft Mounting, Worm & Helical-Bevel for torque between 12 to 100000 Nm.
Sewage/Effluent and Wastewater Treatment
Natural streams, rivers and lakes have their own in-built purification system comprised of wind, natural slopes, and stones for biological growth and...
Industry Updates
8th Aug, 2011 VISTA, Calif.
Eco Building Products Forms Strategic Relationship With GC Green to Host Professional Training Seminars
Eco Building Products, Inc., (OTCBB: ECOB) announced today an alliance with GC Green Incorporated to host seminars in the new humanitarian coffee shop located on the first floor of the ECOB Headquarters facility.
Press Release
5th Aug, 2011
Lignol joins PaPRICan to develope cellulose
Lignol Energy Corp., a Canadian cleantech company signed an agreement with PaPRICan for 5 years to develop cellulose-based materials with FPInnovations.
PaPRICan of FPInnovations is a forest products research institute with labs in Québec City, Montréal, Thunder Bay and Vancouver.
Events and Exhibition
Sixth Annual RISI Latin American Pulp and Paper Outlook Conference Aug 29th - Aug 31st 2011
Sao Paulo
Brazil, RISI Inc.
China Paper / China Forest 2011 19th - 21st Sep, 2011
China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) Beijing, China, Adforum AB E.J. Krause & Associates Inc. Contact at Phoebe@ejkbeijing.com
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