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June 2013, e-Newsletter
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World of TISSUES

World of TISSUES

The tissues sector has boomed over the last few years. With a move to more luxurious tissue paper and ultra absorbent paper towels the industry has been able to increase the tissue prices and create new brands to retain consumers. Add to this growing market in developing countries and a drive to innovate, and there are very positive signals for the future of tissues. The tissue segment has become one of the most important segments of the paper industry in developed countries. It produces one of the most highly valued and appreciated, though not necessarily talked about, paper products.

Featured Products
Bow Roll Flange mount
Bow Roll Flange mount
Bow Roll is known as Spreader Roll, Bowed Roll, Curve bar Expander, Banana Roll, Camber Roll, and Wrinkle removing Rolls. Bow Rolls are available in rubber surface, hard chrome surface and also Teflon covering for non-sticking applications.
Slitter Rewinder
Slitter Rewinder
Slitter Rewinder was made in Goebel, Germany, Type Optislit, in 1982. It was rebuilt in 2005 (new drive control S7) and 2006 with a new auxiliary pump.
Machine was fully operational when shut down in 2011. Still installed and in excellent condition.
Slot Die Coating Technology
Slot Die Coating Technology
The software-based system meets the need for a flexible and universal application coating technology which is able to handle water/solvent-based fluids, hotmelt adhesives as well as plastic used for foil extrusion. This is a first for the industry.
Industry Updates
Mercer International Inc. Provides Maintenance Shutdown and Second Quarter Update
NEW YORK, June 7, 2013
Mercer International Inc. (Nasdaq:MERC) (TSX:MRI.U) today announced that, during this current quarter of 2013, its Celgar mill took its annual scheduled major maintenance shutdown. As a result of a combination of a lightning strike at the mill and equipment and execution issues, the shutdown, which was planned for 11 days, took 15 days instead.
Press Releases
Basra continues to increase influence on international oil & gas market
7 Jun,2013
With proven reserves of around 143 billion barrels, Iraq has the third largest reserves in the world situated across 79 oil and gas fields. Of these fields only 23 are currently producing, and it has only been in recent years that Iraq has administered bids from international and national oil and gas companies to develop these further.
Events and Exhibitions
Zellcheming Expo
Jun 12 2013 - Jun 14 2013
Rhein-Main-Halls in Wiesbaden
Society for the Advancement of
mechanical engineering GmbH - Expo management

EastPack 2013
Jun 18 2013 - Jun 20 2013
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Canon Communications LLC
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