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September 2012, e-Newsletter
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Image Analysis Methods to Determine Fiber Properties
The Bauer-McNett classification is a much used method for characterising both chemical and mechanical pulps, although it is more suitable for the latter, because the fibre length distribution is usually broader than in chemical pulps and thus the fibres will be distributed more evenly in each fraction. It has been shown (Lindholm 1980, Koran 1994) that these fractions serve well to predict most of the properties of a given mechanical pulp. Hence it is a suitable method for the analysis of pulp fractionation.
The Bauer-McNett apparatus are to classify pulp primarily according to fibre length, while other factors such as width and fibre flexibility have only minor effects.
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Featured Products
Watermarks and Shadowmarks
Watermarks and Shadowmarks
Watermarks are impressions left on the running sheet of wet paper due to displacement of fibres by electrotypes/ logos fixed on the dandy roll.
Run-off alarms
Stretchers/ Tension Controllers
Excessive tension in clothing may damage roll/bearing, marking on sheets, contraction in the width of the clothing, reduced service life of clothing, cloth tearing, less water drainage.
Run-off alarms
Web Tension Controller
Re SpA, Italy is more than 30 years old company catering various automation equipments for web control and reel control in converting industries worldwide.
paper middle east
Industry Updates
Domtar officially launches “The Forest Academy” website
MONTREAL, Sept. 20, 2012
The educational tool that officially reached 25,000 visitors since it was created, is aiming at providing tools to school students and teachers on the world of fiber.
Press Releases
UK Paper Industry Calls for U-turns in Manufacturing Policy
London, Thursday 20 Sep, 2012
Potentially the most damaging of the policies is the Carbon Price Floor which comes into e" ect in 2013. At £16 per tonne it could cost UK Energy Intensive Industries more than twice the amount paid by our EU competitors.
Events and Exhibitions
Paperworld & Creativeworld Salon Russia 2012
Sep 25th - Sep 27th 2012
IEC, Moscow, Russia
Messe Frankfurt RUS Ltd.
Sep 23rd - Sep 25th 2012
Dubai Intl Convention & Exhibtion Centre
Al Fajer Information & Services
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