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BioreclamationIVT Signs Exclusive Agreement To Distribute Cellaria Cell Models And Media For Cancer Research

Saturday, Apr 15, 2017

BioreclamationIVT, a leading provider of biospecimens and related services, has signed a new distribution partnership agreement with Cellaria, LLC. According to the terms of the agreement, BioreclamationIVT will have exclusive market and distribution rights to Cellaria's novel cancer cell lines and cancer culture media in the United States and Canada and non-exclusive rights to sell the products globally. The agreement expands the availability of Cellaria's offerings to a broader range of potential customers via an established distribution partner with existing relationships inside the biopharmaceutical industry.

Designed to accelerate cancer research, the Cellaria cell models are derived directly from patient tumors with fully consented, fully documented pathological data. A unique feature of the cell models is their ability to maintain the fidelity of primary cells, with no genetic manipulation, while still offering the long-term reproducibility and scalability seen with traditional tumor cell lines. In addition to the cell lines, BioreclamationIVT will also distribute Cellaria's proprietary media which is specifically formulated to extend in vitro propagation of primary tumor and epithelial cells.  

David Deems, president of Cellaria Biosciences, said, "As a trusted partner to leading biopharmaceutical companies, BioreclamationIVT supports our goals of providing oncology researchers with more actionable data during their development of personalized therapeutics."

"Cellaria products represent an important addition to our rapidly growing disease-state matrices portfolio," said Jeff Gatz, CEO of BioreclamationIVT. "This distribution partnership leverages the strengths of both companies and ensures that we will continue to deliver relevant tools and services for our clients focused on disease research."

About Cellaria
Cellaria creates high-quality next generation in-vitro disease models that reflect the unique nature of a patient's biology. All of our models begin with tissue from a patient, capturing clinically relevant details that inform model characterization. For cancer, Cellaria's cell models exhibit molecular and phenotypic characteristics that are highly concordant to the patient. For RNA-mediated iPS cell line derivation, Cellaria's cell models enable interrogation of disease-specific mechanisms of action. Cellaria's innovative products and services help lead the research community to more personalized therapeutics – revolutionizing and accelerating the search for a cure.

About BioreclamationIVT
BioreclamationIVT is a worldwide provider of biological products to the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. BioreclamationIVT specializes in control and disease-state matrices manufactured from human and animal biological specimens and has recently expanded its offering to include cell processing and phenotypic screening services. This portfolio of products is utilized throughout the drug discovery and development research workflows, and directly supports the personalized medicine initiative by coupling clinical information with numerous disease-state fluids and tissues. BioreclamationIVT's reputation for providing exceptional customer service coupled with the highest quality specimens and services have made it the first-choice supplier for biospecimens for more than 35 years. For more information, please visit

BioreclamationIVT Contact: Courtney Noah, Vice President of Marketing, 516-483-1196
Cellaria Contact: Tim Walsh, 617-512-1641,
Media Contact: Lisa Osborne, Rana Healthcare Solutions, 206-992-5245,



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